Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday 10/18/2010

If weekends are supposed to be laid back, relaxing and a time of rejuvenation, then nix this last one. I spent all day Saturday getting the new pond up and dealing with other ponds and I spent all day Sunday cleaning and also moving pond filters around, plus cleaning them.
I am glad to have all that stuff done, yes, but wow, that was a lot of work. As for my dad's visit tomorrow, just a few more things I need to get done around the house and I will be finished with that. As for the ponds, I removed all fish from the turtle pond and put them in both the big pond and medium-sized one and am considering shutting the turtle pond down.

I just don't like these turtles. They are not friendly, they don't come up to you at all, like I have seen in other ponds, they are always hiding at the bottom, they are useless creatures as far as I'm concerned. I have seen a couple of ads on Craigslist from people wanting red earred slider turtles, I am teetering on giving them a call and seeing if they want to come get them.

That would knock it down to 2 ponds up and running and for now, that's all I want. The small feeder pond I was using up until I did the big switch I am considering just getting rid of it. It is in bad condition - I bought it from a family who had had small kids playing in it like it was a playground (fortunately I got it cheap and I DID get some use out of it) - they did some damage in terms of structural integrity and portions of it collapse when filled with water. It still holds water, yes, but I really don't think I want to continue using it. That would leave me with 4 ponds, 2 of them up and running. At max, now that I have a bit better grasp of what I am doing here, I want 3 ponds going. So, probably get rid of another one and be down to 3 of them.

I am in no hurry to figure that out right now, definitely NOT in a hurry to start trying to dig out another pond hole. Great exercise, sure, but I am not exactly motivated. I do want to put one out front - a small one but again, not high on my list of priorities. Have to figure out what to do with the dirt that is pulled out of the ground and THAT definitely poses a problem. I'll sit out there for a while and just look at the situation and try to figure out what my next move is.

Meanwhile, I need to get a power station going out there so, that is probably my next small project. The big pond isn't exactly "done" yet, but it is up and running, the intended result for this weekend's exertions.

They were saying on the news on the way into work this morning that there is rain coming. Perhaps, but from looking at the radar, it isn't that much rain. Still, I haven't been watering hardly at all lately - my plants that is - as long as they look okay, I am not watering them right now to get a bit of a reprieve from high water bills.

LOTS of work to do today in our truck routing system. In fact, it should take the entire day to finish all of that. Which is fine with me. If there is one thing I hate, it's starting a work week on a Monday with NOTHING to do.

With that, I'm outta here. Got a few minutes to take a look at the political bantering - apparently the Dems have conceded that they are going to lose at least a dozen seats and Obama is whining about how nobody listens to



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