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Visiting With Dad

My dad called me at work - wanted me to stop by and pick him up on the way home from work.  Millie - his  wife - was not feeling too well and didn't want to go anywhere.  They ARE older folks - I don't get too hyped up about the older generation doing whatever makes them happy, regardless of what the might mean to plans that have been made. 

So, I stopped at Walmart - I have one good pair of jeans and one pair of dress slacks and that's IT for pants. I have several pairs of blue jeans with holes or rips in them.  Oh, dog food, roach killer, new windshiel wipers for both cars.........ummmm, oh and more pond clear.  I usually only need to use "Pond Clear" at the start up of a pond.  After it clears the pond out, it's not necessary again as the filtration unit keeps it clear from that point forth. 

Stopped at their hotel - a nice place and visited with both of them for about an hour and then took dad to my house.  He wanted to see all of these plants and trees…


Came home yesterday to find that Mark - the trailer tenant - had finished in the kitchen that of which I did not have time to finish. This guy is good at cleaning, this is a fact.

He took down the blinds, took them outside, cleaned them off with a hose, cleaned the windows, went over the floor again - after I had just done it the day before - very nice.

If I could get a hold of a good trailer for those people - I mean a nice one - I would. They are welcomed to stay as long as they want to. I'm charging them very low rent and they do a lot of work around the house - nice setup. Their plans to get into their own apartment have been totally dashed and the only way I can for them to get into their own place is that one of them finds a job.

Anyhoo, today is the visit with my dad and his wife. They are coming over sometime this afternoon.

So, on a day when you hope there is less work to do so you can get off early? Not happening. 5 deliveries and a pickup downtown equal all day long.…