Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm writing this "distracted", so sorry if there are erros.  I'm on hold with DriecTV, attempting to bget 3 more months of movie channels for free.

I got up for work this morning, as is normal for me, did the normal tings, got into the car and left.  1/4 mile down the road, the car stalled.  Pulled over and tried to restart - fired right up.  Another 1/4 mile and it stalled again.  This time I barely made it off the main road, onto a side street near businesses and theo nly parking space was in a "No Parking Zone".  the car, after numerous tries, fired up again, but imeediately stopped.

I decided to call a cab to take me to my son's mother's house to get my other car.  I called Discount Cab.  I gave them the location, they refused that, they wanted an address.  Well, I was at 46th Street and Baseline in Phoenix, what else do you want me to tell you?  Their system takes addresses, not locations.  Unbelievable.  I ended up hanging up on her - she refused to budge and the huge building had a name on it, yes, but NO street number posted anywhere.

I got to thinking about it and changed my strategy.  I would end up paying $20 at least to get to my other car, this car would end up being towed because it's in a no-parking zone.  I would have to pay for that tow plus a tow to the repair facility.  So, a cab ride and 2 tows?  No thanks.  I walked in the rain - yes it was also raining - to the nearest convenience store about 1/4 mile away, got a phone book, found a tow company with a 20% off coupon in there.  They were there in half an hour.  Now, I get the car towed to the repair facility and a ride to work since the 2 are 200 feet apart. 

I come  back 8 hours later and they hadn't even looked at the car.  I sat down and made myself at home.  Didn't get angry, didn't start trouble, just sat there and talked with the owner - as I did last time.  He got up , went over to a mechanic, got him started on the car.  Virgil - Highland Auto - Chandler, AZ - the owner, doesn't sit in an office separated from workers in air conditioning, no, he sits there in the shop, summer included, heat included, and deals with everything as it comes along.

I was there - ohh - 3 hours anyway.  I encountered some interesting individuals.  However, Virgel and I had several conversations about this, that and the other thing while fully 4 different mechanics looked at my car.  It turned out to be the crank sensor - which I replaced 2 years ago, but which I also suspected was the culrpit this time because of the way the car was acting.  $169 for all of that.  And it isn't over, either.  I could clearly hear an exhaust leak that is going to need to be fixed. 

Anyway, that was the start and end of my day, which totally drained me. I am tired, very tired, just waiting another few minutes before going to bed, plus I am conversing with the 5th rep from Direct TV so far.  I just call and call until I get the "right" person and then, I get freebies.  I'm a now 11-year customer with that company, they aren't going to give me new equipment then they are going to give me free movie channels and reduced pricing, period. 

Well, hunky dory.  Got home, nothing had happened around here- thankfully.  Just rain.  I haven't watered plants in a while and I won't need to a while longer. 

I could write more, but, I am listening to music on the phone that is COMPLETELY annoying and I am starting to get cranky.

Good evening.


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