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I'm writing this "distracted", so sorry if there are erros.  I'm on hold with DriecTV, attempting to bget 3 more months of movie channels for free.

I got up for work this morning, as is normal for me, did the normal tings, got into the car and left.  1/4 mile down the road, the car stalled.  Pulled over and tried to restart - fired right up.  Another 1/4 mile and it stalled again.  This time I barely made it off the main road, onto a side street near businesses and theo nly parking space was in a "No Parking Zone".  the car, after numerous tries, fired up again, but imeediately stopped.

I decided to call a cab to take me to my son's mother's house to get my other car.  I called Discount Cab.  I gave them the location, they refused that, they wanted an address.  Well, I was at 46th Street and Baseline in Phoenix, what else do you want me to tell you?  Their system takes addresses, not locations.  Unbelievable.  I ended up hanging up on her - she ref…