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I can't believe it's Friday already. Seems like this week has just blown by. I'm still thinking of getting a computer even though yesterday's fiasco ate up a bit of my "free" money. I am going to negate it by transferring some savings money to my checking account to make up the difference and hopefully still be able to get something. Or not. I really don't know yet, gotta sit down and do the math.

So, what to do this weekend? Dunno yet. Last weekend was not a weekend, it was just 2 more workdays around the house. I'm edging towards just doing some easy stuff around the yard and normal cleaning duties and call it a wash. I started on pruning trees and bushes last weekend out front, there is still a couple of hours worth of work out there at least.

The news is rife with absurd, outrageous and extremely entertaining blips. This Governor Christie? I would vote for him in a heartbeat if he ran for president. I don't care if he comes across as obnoxiou…