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Our version of chilly has arrived.  It's 59 degrees outside.  I turned the AC off yesterday afternoon around 2:00 pm and I haven't turned it on since.  The electric use yesterday was a little over $6.00 - YES!! - slam dunk, wham, bam thank you ma'am!!  If I can get it down to $5.00 per day, that would be about the best it's going to get.  The high today is going to be 79 degrees, I figure there will be a couple three hours this afternoon that I will have to close up the house and turn on the AC - it always gets warming inside the house than the ambient temperature outside if, for nothing else, the fact that the sun is baking on the roof and heating things up inside. 

I am reminding myself here that I need to buy a couple of thermometers for the ponds today, want to ensure that the temps don't get too low.  That water felt pretty cold this morning, but the ambient outdoor temps aren't low enough to cause any great alarm, yet.  I have all of those heaters, 300 w…