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The Tenant

I am hardly going to say here that I am surprised at anything that tenants bring forth when it comes time to paying rent and - sometimes - one of them not paying it.

It is not pleasant business to have to get blunt with a person that is living in your home - which was my intial objection to engaging in such, long ago, but not now, not ever again. 

However, today's encounter was a new one on me.  I claim no life-long authority on this type of situation, I do claim a 2-1/2 year tenure in dealing with such and I am prepared for whatever comes against me, even such that occured today. 

For 2 weeks, the individual has told me he is going to pay back the $85 in arrears, today, he started a discourse.  His discourse was that he is supposed to be paying X amount per month and that today?  X amount has been paid.  He did not venture into the realm of "therefore I don't need to pay the other $85".

I did ask him anyway.  "So, are you saying now that you don't owe me…


What an unbelievable amount of rigarmoroo to do the fumigation of this house!The prep work is incredible.  Pulling everything out of your kitchen cabinets is much more of a chore than one might imagine if one has a lot of them.  I have no idea what the final verdict is.  Did it get all of them?  Judging by the choking sensation I had when I walked in here after 4 hours of it - I would say the poison certainly had it's opportunities to kill them out.  I also pulled of several electrical outlets in hopes of that stuff getting into the walls.

Honestly?  There was only some fogging for a short period of time after setting off those bombs.  I thought maybe they were making claims that were far beyond reality.  Looking through the windows, after maybe 30 minutes,  you couldn't see anything in here.  However and again, walking in here after 4 hours of setting them off and choking - coughing, hacking, I was running through here to open up the windows and air the place out - well that …