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Wasted Tired

After getting at most 4 hours of sleep last night, I ended up driving all day long.

A call came in late - late for deliveries anyway, after 11:00 am, that a contractor needs pipe and materials.  The continuance of that was that if we couldn't get it there today, they were going to call someone else.  My manager is asking me if I want to do it.  Umm, I'm not used to management asking me if I want to do something or not, I just get it done regardless of whether I feel like it or not.

Admittedly, I was tired but my mouth spoke completely opposite:  Let's get it done.  Downtown, then off to Florence, otherwise known as prison town.  I believe there  are 6 prisons in that town (at least).  LARGE facilities, all of them, included a Department of Homeland Defense "detention facility".  A nice drive even if tired, I left there and took the back way back to the yard - much faster. 

Umm, excepting the fact that there was a serious accident on that road further down the wa…

Monday 10/25/2010


I've been sleeping fairly well for several days in a row - until last night. Wake up at midnight, back to sleep around 3:30 am. I've gotten so used to not having enough sleep that I'm mostly able to perform at work anyway. If worse comes to worse,I take my 30 minute break in the form of a nap.

Fortunately, there is plenty to do today as well. A trip the Indian reservation; a delivery of copper material to another site and probably a trip downtown. That should eat up most of the day. I say fortunately because it is much easier to get through a work day when busy as opposed to not being busy at all.

Well, anyway. I was looking this morning at a "huge sale" by a company discount thing - the huge sale was not that huge and the components in the computers weren't anything even close to what I am looking at doing. I do admit some amount of trepidation at building a computer - I have never done one before - but the benefits outweight any cons. You just end…