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The Trailer Tenants

I'll just lay it on the line, up front, all out:  If I could keep these people here forever, I would.

If I could pay them a salary for the work that is done around here, I would.

If I could not charge them anything, at the very least, I would do that, too.

Call me selfish, call me whatever you want, but these people are jewels in human form. 

Excellent cooks.  Clean.  Moved from doing things outside to doing things inside - well both is what I'm saying.

If I could get a nice travel trailer for them, yup, I would do it.

If I could put them in one of the rooms without feeling the punch of the loss of income, yup, I would do that, too.

I can only say that what they are living in is far better than a tin shed in the back of someone's house with a bunch of pot smokers inside. 

Onto other things.  I was back at Fry's Electronics again today.  I'm nudging myself to make the "investment".  Investment - in a computer?  Well, yes, I would call it an investment.  …

Tenant issues. Always. Lol. I had to leave a notice for the newest member of the household to not make so much freaking noise in the morning. This at the request of the Army reservist. The guy gets on a conference call with a company he is working for and talks VERY loudly and has that speaker turned up JUST as loudly.

That is done. Whatever the results are, I have no clue. All I know is that it tends to get complicated when there are 3 renters living in the house. I could probably live off of two, but the third gets me caught up plus helps to get to fixing things, replacing things, whatever needs to be done around the house.

Onto the Koi. I bought I think it was 10 small ones from a seller a while back. They all died in short order - they had been subjected to high heat in transit from NC to here. I had lost his email address but then found another one of his ads. I wrote him about the dead fish - no great loss at only $20 but I wanted to see if the dude would make good on …