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CDL A Licences Versus CDL B

Do you know what delineates a CDL A driver from a CDL B driver? 
It is the source of much confusion, opinion and a lot of misinformation. 
Our local Ops Manager was at our store today - he has been sick and didn't want to be far from home, I guess, in case he needed to leave. 
We're all busy about our duties - though I wasn't driving, stuck at the store with no deliveries but plenty to do there anyway - when he asks me about the difference.  A manager at one of our stores in New Mexico had hired a driver for an International 7600 series, 10 wheel-dual drive axle truck mounted with flatbed. 

He had not checked whether this driver was actually qualified to drive that truck.  This driver has a CDL B license.   Ummmm, I'm sorry, hiring drivers without checking whether they are qualified to drive the vehicle they will be driving?  Especially in the world of trucking?  Are you crazy?!!!  What kind liability would the put the company under in case of any accident.  If an …

FaceBook Friends/Discount Tire

So, whoever wants to be Facebook friends - as was talked about in a previous post - that would be cool.  I am not giving out my personal info on here, but I'm sure there's some way to identify who is who through other means so that Facebook friend requests can be sent.

Okay, so, the old Buick has a pretty bad vibration.  I figure tires, what else could it be?  It could be a lot of things, but that car sat for what - 1-1/2 years?  I take it to Discount Tire.  The guy points at both front tires and says they are sun rotted and is probably the issue. Yes, I have driven semis with rotted tires, the tires come apart, actually, they blow up. 

Case in point:  JB Hunt.  I was doing that local job for them here in Phoenix.  They had just started a new contract so all of us drivers were new to the company.  They gave us OLD tractors.  I mean, they were 8 or 10 years old.  The tractor I ended up with had severely dry-rotted tires.  I pointed it out to several individuals that could do …

Thursday October 28, 2010


The Beggar Bashers. That's what I'm calling them. They are people who go on certain Craigslist boards and just REAM - ANYONE - that goes on there asking for help, even if it's only asking for food. I decided to take a stand against these "people" and got reamed for doing so. Lol. But now, the beggar bashers branding is taking hold and others are catching onto it. If people want to ask for help, let them! If no-one helps them, oh well!

Just thought I'd throw that in there. I occasionally help people with food - not money - but haven't really been doing it in the last several months as my electric bills soared and water usage also went through the roof.

I had thoughts of doing something for Thanksgiving, undecided on that one. Some years I have cooked a couple of turkeys and all the fixings and given it out to the poor people who are living in my own community - there are PLENTY of poor folks around there. I'm as of yet undecided about trippi…