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I started calling around today, looking for good, used tires - 2 of them - for the old Buick.

I gave up on it.  I called a Discount Tire company - several of them actually - but one of them had a guy who said he could help me out with 2 new ones.  I told him I already tried that route, your company wanted $185 for 2 tires out the door.  I said I might be comfortable with $120, but no way am I spending that much money on tires for an old car. 

He "did the math".  Came back and told me $135 out the door.  Well, that's $50 better than the first time around.  I just decided to bite the bullet, get the tires and hope to high heaven that that takes care of the vibration problem.  I am going to be driving this thing for a while longer while I'm whittling down the problems, I don't want a blowout on the way to work.  I don't have a spare - yet. 

Got out of there and headed directly for the freeway.  I did break some speed laws, yes I did.  I pushed her up to 80mph …

Friday 10/29/2010


Ugliness this morning. A return. I hate doing returns. The salesman just dump this stuff on drivers and leave it to us to figure it all out. They take a list over the phone, print it out and then give it to us. It's never that simple. Go to the jobsite and start trying to find all the stuff on the list that the salesman never actually went out and verified whether it's there or not.

Then, start writing in by hand a bunch of other stuff that wasn't on the list but the contractor wants to send back. Then, deal with whatever crew is available to help load the stuff - they are in a hurry, always and don't care if it's safely loaded or not. I DO care and I almost always have to tell them to STOP what they are doing. I've taken over crews whose boss's weren't even paying attention to what was going on - they're sitting in their pickup truck doing whatever.

Not really looking forward to that, not at all. On the flip side, I am 2 hours over my allo…