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My 2 Trips To Fry's Electronics in Tempe, Arizona - Piss Poor Customer Service

So, I sat here for a couple of hours playing around on the computer - putting up with the thing shutting itself off, coming up with repeated "serious error recover" messages and other stuf - trying to talk myself into get the components to put the new computer together. 

When I finally got that past me, I took off for Fry's Electronics.  Walked in, got a cart, walked to the appropriate portion of the store.  The salesman - of whom I had discussed this with last week when I bought the 1 tg hard drive - was busy.  I stood next to him and patiently waited. About 20 minutes he was dealing with this guy.  No biggies - not yet anyway.  He takes off to get the guy some paperwork, comes back, then they go to get something else.  He knows I'm there.

He finally gets done with that guy and comes walking towards me, I was about get this thing going - when another customer asked for help.  Instead of helping me, he goes and helps that customer.  That other customer had JUST show…