Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Computer

This entry is being written on my new computer.

I did not have extra funds to buy Windows 7, so, I am still using Windows XP. 
The thing is moving around the internet so much faster than my other computer, it is unbelievable. 

Using an "unbranded" machine is a whole new world for me.  I couldn't figure out why I couldn't access the internet - Qwest gave me a clue: ethernet driver isn't working, isn't installed, isn't.
They couldn't help me, but the did suggest it is the ethernet driver.

Great, please tell me where to find this driver and I'll be quite happy.

My thoughts turned to the motherboard.  If it's already in there, then the motherboard has to be responsible for it, could it be that the disc that came with the motherboard would help me along?

Ahhh, but yes, it could. Plugged that sucker into the DVD drive and there is was - the entire computer lit up with internet this, that and the other thing.  It took quite a while.  I will be playing with this computer for a while before I call it "done".  In fact, I am going to reformat this thing and try installing "The Last XP" version 17 tomorrow.  

BTW, I now SEE why I have such troubles whenever I have to buy a new keyboard.  This one is giving me heck.  My keyboard on the old computer is perfect for me, this new one is ridiculous.  There is an extra key on the ASDF line making the Enter key further  to the left.  A completely different design and I am having trouble with it because it's setup is so much different than the other keyboard.  I had no idea these companies were doing this stuff and I wouldn't have unless I were able to have 2 live keyboards sitting next to each other.

Well, anyway, I am running on "late" and frankly, the kids can have this keyboard and I will switch the other one over to this computer - when I have this thing dialed in, that is. 



$60 To Fix A Computer That Shouldn't Be Broken

I put that machine together and it wouldn't bring up anything.  I mean, I followed the instructions plus watched some videos on YouTube on how to put these things together.  It's not that hard. I toyed with it last night and then played with it again this morning. Nothing.

Loaded that sucker up into the car, took it to Fry's Electronics. The guy hooked it up, tried to turn it on, nothing.  He took the panels off the casing, checked my work, said it looks like it's set up properly.  Great, I said, I bought all of this stuff here, please fix it.

Of course it isn't going to be free.  The guy tells me I need to have them do a System Build.  It's already built.  Yes, but we take it apart and install on component at a time until we find the problem.  Right.  $59.95 plus tax.  What am I going to do?  Say no?  Have a bunch of parts that don't work?  The manager I was dealing with yesterday who told me to bring it in isn't in today and won't be back in until Tuesday.  I agreed to it very reluctantly, no choice in the matter.  I'll take a guess: defective motherboard.  They do get damaged sometimes in transit or otherwise simply refuse to work.  Who knows, who cares, I have a 3 year warranty on the thing, that's all I need to know. 

So, I go pay the fee and then come back with the receipt.  It's pay in advance, apparently.  The guy that was dealing with me had to go on a delivery call, so another dude took over.  He wants me to sign a paper and explains that if they have to do diagnostics, it would be another $69.99.  NOW I had something to say.  WHAT did I JUST pay for?  "You are paying for a system build".  NO, sir, that's NOT what that other guy said.  Why on earth would I pay you to build the thing?  It's already built!  I want to find out what's wrong with the blooming thing!!  I flatly refused.  The guy went to the copier and got another paper, apparently he didn't want to deal with it.  The first person told me they would check each component as they put it back together to find out what's wrong with it, there was no mention of even MORE money.  Ridiculous.  He removed the "potential" fee from the paper.

Thank you and left.

Good grief.  One thing's for sure, I am definitely glad I didn't buy all this stuff on line.   It has certainly been a learning experience and I haven't even got the thing running yet.  They wanted to charge even more money to install the OP system.  No thanks, I have ample experience in that - find out what's wrong with it, get it booted and get the bios info on the screen, I will deal with it from there.  I have Windows XP and The Last XP version 17 on discs, I don't need to pay them to do that stuff. 

That's it.  2 days was their quoted time.  Whatever.  All I know is I better not get hosed for replacing some defective part. 

And that's that for right now.  I have pond stuff to tend to and I want to get it done while it's still early.


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