Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday 11/1/2010


Well, I couldn't resist this morning to take another test drive on the new machine - so - I sorta ended up getting here, work that is, late. Not late is in clocking in late, just later than normal for my pre-work rituals, which are, btw, quite important to me.

I also can't seem to wake up. I slept a straight 6 hours, woke up at 3:00am in shock that I had even slept that long without waking up, then fell right back asleep. I'm just plain out of it right now, like I'm half awake and half asleep.

I hadn't driven the old car all weekend long so it was a nice development to find that the car's battery wasn't dead and it fired right up. Plus, with the new tires I can cruise on the freeway at the same speed everyone else is going.

The computer was the project of the weekend and it is - not done but it's up and running. I have to open it up and install the video graphics card today - no big deal. In fact, now that I have tried building a computer once, I can say that it is a pretty easy thing to do. The hardest part of building a computer is decided what to put into it - which is usually dictated by how much money you have to spend on it. Mine has 4 gigs of ram but this weekend I will be upping that to 8. I don't have any speakers for it yet, either. It also needs a computer table. Point? I have a few things left to go with it. I have a table that will work for it for now.

A new face of political - more junk undoubtedly - will be upon the horizon after tomorrow. This Reid v Angle thing is quite entertaining if nothing else. If Angle doesn't win it, you can't say it's because she didn't put forth one helluva effort.

Ummm, well I'm just sort of moving all over the place here. There is a giant fusion machine with accompanying generator that has to be delivered to a site way out east today. That will consume most of the morning if not all of it. The machine is downtown, takes an hour to load it and chain it down, it's at last an hour's drive out there, plus another 45 minutes to get it off the truck and an hour back - at least.

It's better than having nothing to do, let me tell ya. They are installing some HUGE pipe that will feed into the CAP - Central Arizona Project - canal. That's the giant canal that goes from the Colorado River all the way into the metro Phoenix area to supply this area with water. It doesn't supply all the water here, but it's quite a chunk of it, supposedly anyway. I haven't quite gotten the story as to WHY they are installing this pipe and where the water is either going to or coming from, but I'll try to get that information again today.

As for now? Read some more of the democrats and their finger-pointing back and forth as to who is to blame for what appears to be their power to do anything - anything that is except turn the economy around.




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