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Monday 11/1/2010


Well, I couldn't resist this morning to take another test drive on the new machine - so - I sorta ended up getting here, work that is, late. Not late is in clocking in late, just later than normal for my pre-work rituals, which are, btw, quite important to me.

I also can't seem to wake up. I slept a straight 6 hours, woke up at 3:00am in shock that I had even slept that long without waking up, then fell right back asleep. I'm just plain out of it right now, like I'm half awake and half asleep.

I hadn't driven the old car all weekend long so it was a nice development to find that the car's battery wasn't dead and it fired right up. Plus, with the new tires I can cruise on the freeway at the same speed everyone else is going.

The computer was the project of the weekend and it is - not done but it's up and running. I have to open it up and install the video graphics card today - no big deal. In fact, now that I have tried building a computer once…