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The Car - Part (How many parts have there been to this car story, now?)

So, I took the car in yet again today.  Yesterday, they simply didn't have time to get to it.  Today?  I just said I would wait after getting there at 2:30 and they still hadn't had a chance to look at it.  To their credit, they were down 2 technicians to illness. 

I think I was there about 3-1/2 hours.  Well, I wasn't going to try to drive that thing home again the way it was acting up.  In fact, it was doing some really strange things.  The worst of which, however, is dying out at lights, dying while driving on the freeway, lights coming on  and off, fuel gauge jumping around all over the place.

So, we get into all kinds of discussions - just like the last 2 times, we sort of think alike and look at things pretty much the same way.  I waited quite a while before they even got to my car, but, this shop has one of the best reputations around the valley, in fact, their reputation spreads to all parts of Arizona and beyond.  In other words, no sense in getting cranky about …

Thursday 11/4/2010


Didn't sleep well last night. Another one of those wake up at midnight and get back to sleep - whenever it was - hours later - deals. Plus, my car wasn't fixed yesterday, they didn't have time to get to it so, driving to work was a barrel of fun. I think I might be just a wee bit cranky this morning.

I have a huge delivery to make first thing, fortunately it isn't far away and I hope they get it unloaded quickly because I want my car in that shop first thing this morning.

Pretty much throws off the day when I haven't slept well enough to feel good in the morning. Get the work day over with, go home and take a nap. Or, more likely, get the work day over with, go to the mechanics shop and wait. Actually, if I don't get out of here until around 7:00 am this morning, the gates will be opened to that shop and I can just leave it there.

Whatever. Just that once that delivery is over, I am supposed to go pick up some clay pipe and then return the stuff. Tha…

Wednesday 11/3/2010


Lost an entire entry : (

Ummm, anyway, I'll just put it this way: I'm VERY glad to see that Pelosi is going by the wayside, I wish Reid were going with her.

IF the GOP does what it says it will do, then if nothing else, the bloodlet of outrageous spending in Washington should be stemmed. I don't see how the GOP is going to be able to DO anything without a president to back them and the Senate controlled by Dems.

However, they CAN make proposals, send them through to the Senate and if the Senate rejects it, make themselves look good if it's something the American people want. We, the voters, tend to remember, not forget as many of these arrogant, obnoxious politicians seem to think we do.

I did vote for one Democrat in this election: South Phoenix Justice of the Peace Cody Williams. I have been in his court room several times with tenant issues, he's always there, always doing his thing, always following the law. He hasn't always been so "nice&q…