Saturday, November 6, 2010

That Was A Lot Of Work To Find Out That..............

..............this version of XP Windows doesn't allow more than 4 gigs of ram anymore than the original version.
However, I have FAR more stuff on here.  All kinds of graphics software - well it's a huge list of things.

It is, however, unacceptable. I must have an operating system that works with as much RAM as I have installed on this computer.  So, I will have to consider when I will buy Windows 7.  It's not if, it's when.  For now?  Not. I can live without it. I wanted to be sure that the new RAM I put in works - and, amazingly, there is a tester with all of this stuff I got with this Last XP that makes sure it does work.

Still, rather of a letdown.  I was hoping this OS would use all 8 gigs of RAM.  I have 4 gigs of ram sitting in this machine, idle, useless and doing nothing.


I'm jumping on Bobby's and Dorrie's bandwagon and adding my perspective of motivation. 

For me, it comes and goes.  I can be sitting around, being lazy and fully subscribed to that theorem and then bam, something clicks on inside of me and says: "You need to get started on that right NOW".

Oh yes, I usually get right up from whatever I am doing or not doing and get to work. 

For an example, this morning, I have been lulling around in my mind the idea of finishing the cleaning in my bedroom.  Just one of those things, it sort of floats around a while and then the next thing I know I'm doing it.  Right now I'm waiting for this new computer to reformat - another hour to go judging it. 

So, after this entry, I'm 90% sure that while I'm waiting, I'm going to get something done and that something would be my bedroom.

On a different scale, my motivation has totally ceased.  I want to go to church but I don't go.  I want to get involved in the community again as I have spent so much of my adult life doing, but, I just don't have it.  The ideas are sitting on shelves in my mind.  I occasionally take them off, dust them and put them back on - the shelf.

I think the problem with that, for me, is the stuff I went through to get to the point where I don't want to star something fresh up again.  Shunned by a pastor, leaving a church and losing 10 year's worth of freindships and relationships.  Going through being a president of a homeowner's associated and having my reputation ground through the meat grinder, being talked about by God only knows how many people in very negative ways. 

It's funny, those people certainly didn't mind when I found grant for them to fix up their homes.  Up to $7,500 FREE money.  A lot of them used it, I never heard one single word of thanks.  All I ever heard was constant, non-stop complaining and whining.  People would actually complain that they had received an eviction notice because - they hadn't paid their lot rent.  Well, sir or madam, what the bleep am I supposed to do about it?  If you don't pay the rent, you're history, that's just life's little facts and stark, blunt reality that are thrown at you, I can't help you.  The pettiness of some of the people's complaints were too much.

There WAS icing on that cake,though.  I took that MH park to court and I won.  I won again in appeals court.  I was ready for the next appeals court, but they bought me out, I saw my opportunity and I got the bleep out of there. 

I'm kinda tapped out on the motivation department to start up a new homeowner's association or, more likely, a neighborhood assocation where I am living now.  This place is full of trailer trash.  That's the jist of it  People living in slum-like homes with unkempt properties overgrown with weeds.  I ran into too much opposition in even starting a Neighborhood association - that kind of association has no legal authority over anyone, it's just volunteers trying to make a community better - it was unbelievable the "in-fighting" that went on.  Little cliques all over the place.  Reminded me of my experience as the president in that MH park, I really thought about it and decided that at least for now, I am not going to do anything. 

Again, it comes to motivation.  What am I going to do?  For now, nothing.  If I really ever get motivated, it's going to be to go out and find a woman and get a relationship going.  I do miss certain aspects of that and no, it isn't all about sex.  I hate the idea of going into old age single and alone.  That really isn't a very nice thought at all.  I have tried a few times in going out on dates, but nothing ever clicked. 

So, I AM motivated in cleaning and home projects,I am not motivated in the arenas of life that used to be the core of my existence.  I DO love my job - albeit I ain't loving only getting 35 hours per week - I have no problem on 99% of any given work day in jumping out of bed and getting to work, even if I didn't sleep well that night, I'm still all over it.  I do love driving trucks, I just don't like doing that stuff in the city, which is, unfortunately, about 90% of my driving.

For me, there is no rhyme or reason to what motivates me to do any given thing.  It's never the same source.  Sometimes I just want to get something going.  Other times I have been wanting to do something for quite a while and  one day, the key goes into the ignition and it fires up and there I am, doing whatever it is I intended to do. 

Whatever the case, just writing this has motivated me to get up and go to the bedroom - I have cleaning to do!



I had heard that a lot of people do not like Compass Bank for a variety of reasons.  I have been with them for - almost 4 years now. 
I'm not going to go into the entire story of what happened starting Thursday and ending yesterday, I am going to say that I am going to close my account with them and move on.  I was going to do that before when I had another "interaction" with a certain manager, but this situation is a cake-taker in customer service horror stories.  It's just that it would take far too long to write all of it out from beginning to end and right now?  I simply don't feel like it. 

I might do it later today or just save it for another day when I DO feel like it, especially after reading countless stories of horrible customer service coming from that place.  But, I have to say, that other banks I have dealt with, especially Bank of America, can dole out the same kind of junk from people that don't give a damn about their customers and let you know their feelings about it in no uncertain terms. 

The fact of the matter is, I already have a checking account with Chase Bank, debit card and all.  I don't have any checks, but I rarely use them anymore anyway.  In situations like this, this is one of several reasons I don't have automatic deposit from work.  If I decide I don't like a bank, I can just take my money out and be done with it.  The ONLY thing I have linked to that account is my ING savings, it will take all of a few minutes to stop all those automatic withdrawals and - yes - set it up with Chase bank.

No, no sense in ruining a perfectly pleasant, wonderful morning with the writing of that situation.  Instead, I am happy to have that car purring like a kitten. I'm serious, fires right up, drives down the freeway 80mph, not a hitch.  Just has an exhaust leak and valve cover oil leak left to deal with.  I'm going to see if I can find a Taller Mecanico - Spanish for auto repair shop - that will seal up that exhaust system.  I have a sneaking feeling that taking it into a muffler shop is going to have them telling me I need a new this, that and the other thing and that will be four hundred dollars, please. 

I'm stuck in it now, I've dumped too much money into it to stop.  It is going to be finished.  I was told about a couple of Mexican junk yards in phoenix that have a lot of those old cars sitting in them and have doors up the ying yang that they will sell for cheap.  The problem?  I have dumped as much money into it as I am willing to do for now.  Unless something else happens that HAS to be addressed, I am only looking to get the exhaust and oil leak fixed and it's going to have to be good until - well I'm thinking after Christmas.  I have a week long vacation coming up the week of Thanksgiving and I would prefer to not be broke for it. 

So, what is my goal for this weekend?  I am trying to motivate myself to get with installing that OP system on my new computer.  I know how much "work" it is, or more like, time consumed, I have done it 20 times anyway on this old computer and it needs it yet again.  One that makes it a little easier to deal with is that I will still have a running computer while doing that.  This old computer needs a new fan installed  -  cheap enough, yes - but just another pain.  Especially considering the amount of wires I have attached to this thing.  A bit ridiculous, really. 

My Walgreens gift card finally came in the mail.  A local radio station recently held and event where they were trying to raise 1 million for a kid's hospital here.  They weren't getting any calls so they offered a gift card to the first 40 callers.  Okay, I gave $20 and got a $25 card, lol.  I'm guessing Walgreens supplied them to the radio station for free to hand out, so no loss to the kid's hospital.  I rarely go to Walgreens, but something just popped into my mind that I really want: another cordless shaver.  I haven't had one in ages.  I really hate dragging a razor blade across my face every morning and I know Walgreens has a pretty good selection of them. 

Yes, that's it and I have made up my mind : )

Ummm, formatting the hard drive as I am typing this.  I should have done quick, this looks like it's going to take an hour.  Took me 30 minutes to figure out how to even GET to this part of it!  Totally different setup than regular Windows XP.  Yup, 5 minutes and it's only 5% done.  Oh well, live and learn. 

I just went out to visit the fish.  They are not moving.  I guess it's cold in there for them.  Dunno, around 60 degrees.  I was actually able to touch one of the Koi before he/she decided they didn't want any part of it and then, suddenly, the whole pond came alive.  Well, I figured it was a good time to throw in some food. 

I have that electrical project I need to do out there - and I'm going to have to get it done sooner than later.  I'm afraid to put any more load on the circuit that I am running pumps and aerators off of.  I figure a couple of 300 watt heaters might blow the circuit breaker and it simply won't work.  Next week the temps are supposed to come down - though I don't believe the low temps are low enough to require heaters yet. 

Hmmm.  Well I guess I should already be heating the pond.  2 ponds - not at unlivable temps but at the temp it is at now, they will simply sit there and do nothing.  Not the end of the world, but those ponds will heat up considerably during the day at this point in time. 

Well, I've got my work cut out this weekend, but I am now full fledged into - waiting.  Lol.  20% done - formatting the computer that is.  I really hope that this OS will allow for all 8 gigs of RAM to work, I simply am not going to go out and buy another OS right now, I have other priorities.  But, this OS takes the best parts of Windows XP; Windows Vista and Windows 7, combines them together to make some sort of super OS. 

I'll find out soon  enough. 

With that, I bid you a good day.


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