Sunday, November 7, 2010


Umm, I think there must be a post for Sunday on my Blogger dashboard, as I definitely set out to write one and got quite a bit of it done.

However, I am in a totally different mind frame and don't care to publish it.  Not that it isn't accurate, true - whatever, just not where I am at right now.  Do we not, as humans, have things come at us on a daily basis that give us different moods, mindsets, perspectives, all of it?  Yes, I think it true. I know it's true for me.

It has been a full day.  One particular tenant and her kids were the morning part of it.  The little girl with the very loud mouth was the irritating portion.  I'm not sorry to say that I raised my son as well as helping others raise their's while my son was whatever age their's was - I am pretty much done with youngins.  Talking under - 7 or 8 anyway.  Kids that need constant attention and constant supervision.  I am not there, don't want to be there, went through that for years and years, done and done.

It could have been more bearable if the parent in "control" would actually HAVE control, ie: supervision.  No-one has to tell me what it takes to raise kids or keep them under control, I have been there, done that, bought the farm, grown the cotton, took it to the cotton gin, bought the manufacturing plant with under-paid workers to produce the t-shirts, got the t-shirts and sold them, thank you VERY much.  I have compassion, definitely, but not for a person that simply refuses to do what it takes to keep those kids - civilized.

Let's move on.  They left.  I cleaned up after all of it - oh yes, there is aftermath as well.  I won't go into it because I will become irritated if I do.  That was this morning and it's history.  If this was every weekend, well, I would put a stop to it. I installed a regular electrical outlet versus a GFCI outlet for my fish ponds.  I have had those things popping out - outside - too many times.  They destroy themselves when they do that and I am tired of paying $15 for an electrical outlet.  The replacement was $4 and that outlet has a plastic cover over it, even hard rain won't get into that thing.

BTW, I did not get out of bed until 8:00 am.  I do not get up that late on any given day.  I was shocked when I woke up and saw the clock showing the time.  The dogs?  Sitting there.  I mean, it's hours past their timeto get out and relieve themselves.  Fortunately, that did not include doing that in my bedroom.

Time has ended.  The weekend draws to a close.



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