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Monday 11/8/2010

20 Killed Over Weekend In Mexican Border City
That was the headline and the story I just got through reading. Juarez, Mexico, directly across the border from El Paso, Texas. Unbelievable. When is the Mexican government going to get off of it's ass and do something about this? I used to spend a LOT of time in Juarez: you couldn't PAY me to go over there or anywhere in Mexico right now.

That president over there condemning Arizona for the immigration bill, while at the same time they have mass murders and drug cartels wreaking havoc all over the countryside, give me a freakin' break.

"I am constantly reminded that we have been through worse times than these, and we've always come out on top," he said. That was Obama reflecting on the economy. The ONLY worse time I can think of is the Great Depression. There has BEEN nothing worse since then in terms of the economy. The guy literally has his head stuck in the sand. He continues to blame the economy for the politica…