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Tuesday Late 11/9/2010

Take a guess what happens on my way to work this morning.

Yup, I'm two miles from work and that blasted car dies.  Again.

It's 49 degrees outside, I have no jacked with me and I am facing walking the rest of the way to work.  Exactly what I did, too, except I was walking at a very brisk pace mixed with running to get the internal heat pump going so I wouldn't freeze to death getting there.  Sure enough, after about 1/2  a mile I was feeling no cold.

Get to work - drive all day long in the semi - get off of work.   I am there from 1:35 until 5:35.  They didn't get started on it until after 3:00 - and that mechanic?  Could not figure out what was wrong with it.  I would not have spent the entire afternoon there if I had known I would have to go - get my other car.  But I did and I didn't complain about it.  I ended up calling a taxi.  I had no presumption that my son would have ever been able to find that place to come get me.  $21 later, I get my car, head to Fry&…