Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cafe World Tips 21: Cafe World Is ALWAYS Slow - Answer

This posting is for Cafe World players that are looking for an answer to the slow experience they are having with Zynga's Cafe World.

I played the game for 11 months on an old computer.  It had an Intel 4 Pentium processor; 165 gigabyte hard drive and 2 gigs of ram.  It was the mother of slow gaming - took up to 15 minutes to connect to the game and even long to actually do anything with it.

I have read thousands of complaints (yes,I HAVE read thousands of complaints) that blame Zynga - the producer/mother/owner of Cafe World on Facebook - is to blame for this.

Yes, there are times when it is slow.  But when you are talking slow all the time, I believe the answer lies within your computer.

I built a new computer.  It has 8 gigs of RAM (4 usable for the OS I am using which is Windows XP that does not support 64 bit application and will only support up to 4 gigs of RAM).  It has  a 1 TB hard drive.  Well, it has all kinds of stuff.  I built it to work for now and also to work for future applications as they come out.

I didn't know for sure that more ram and a faster and MUCH better processor (know that my old computer is at least 10 years old) would help play this game faster, I was just guessing.  I was SHOCKED by the game play on Cafe World after getting this new computer up and running.  AMAZING.  There is no comparison.  It is SO much faster that I won't even consider playing it on that old computer.

I have had several discussions with people talking about how slow it is, and almost every time it comes to the reality that yes, it's an old computer, old technology and simply can't compete.  The problem? Mostly this economy.  Many people can't afford their house payment much less buying or building their own, new computer.  Yet, it is probably the answer you need to find. It may not be the DESIRABLE answer - money to get into something better - but it is an answer that I think covers most of this.

If you have a killer machine and you are still experiencing slow run times on Cafe World, it may simply be the server that is being used to let you access the game.  Cafe World is served out on many servers and people experience problems at the same time that other people are not experiencing the same problem.

Anyway, let's not just always blame Zynga for the problems that you might encounter with this game.  If you have an inferior computer - that might and probably is the culprit right there.  If you can upgrade the RAM, that in itself will increase the capacity and speed of the game.

Wednesday 11/10/2010


I'm going to write another Cafe World entry today or soon - the final word on slow running cafe or low buzz rating. It's very simply this: If you have a slow cafe, can't get in, yada yada yada, look at your computer and stop blaming Zynga. Period. I don't have any isses getting into Cafe World anymore and zinging right through everything with my new computer - and that using only half the RAM I have in it.

But let's not go there now, as I said, that would be a DIFFERENT entry and here I go sounding off on THIS entry. I think I'm still a bit peeved at that car, at least I have mine back to get back and forth to work until something is figured out with that old thing.

The most entertaining news of the day (for me anyway): 4,500 people stranded on what amounts to a dead ship. Lol. I wonder what kind of putrid smells and air must be floating around in that thing without AC and certainly no hot water gotta be fun. The only thing they have said is that there was an engine room fire - well that must have been QUITE the fire to knock out the engines completely!! And not be able to get them up and running again?!!!

Wow, this story gets sweeter by the line of type. Refrigerators went out - can you imagine? I mean, feeding that many people? There must be a lot of rotten food in there!! No internet service, no cell phones - what an unbelievably MISERABLE ordeal that would be.

Well, I feel for those people, but they are being taken care of so not the end of the world. Maybe for THEM it is, especially spoiled people - you know the kind - want everything and want it now. Poor little babies. Maybe the rich people can have a helicopter fly in and take them out of there, lol.

I was actually attempting to talk myself into getting Windows 7 - until the car broke down. Everything on hold. No idea what is wrong with it. Funny that that mechanic couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, either. He brought out 3 different computers and was walking back and forth retrieving wire harnesses for those computers over and over. I know cause' I sat there for almost 4 hours. I won't be sitting there today - I have my car and whenever they do figure the thing out, I am NOT taking a freakin' taxi. What a total ripoff. I don't take taxi's often. We had gone all of a mile and the thing was sitting at almost $9. I HAD to ask the guy about THAT. I know there is a flag drop fee then the fee is $1.99 per mile.

They freaking have "traffic delay" on those things. Meaning, when you are sitting at stop light, you are paying MORE for it. You call that a traffic delay? That's part of NORMAL TRAFFIC, not a traffic jam!!! It's rated at $28 per HOUR, on TOP of the mileage fee. That's pure insanity.

Whatever. Just another thing to get my goat I guess.

Apparently the Dems have somewhat woken up. GOP wants ALL Bush tax cuts - including those earnin over $250,000 per year - to be extended, Obama said no. Now the Dems have a new idea - too long to go into - but it does include at least a temporary extension of the tax cuts for everyone.

I do hope the people voted in under the Tea Party guise stick to their guns and aren't talked or bullied down because of people in there with "tenure". Who CARES about tenure? It hasn't gotten us anywhere good anytime recently that I can see. Let them raise heck and heterdyne and let the whole process be sent into chaos, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm feeling fiesty this morning, I have a LOT of driving to do today. East Valley; West Valley; going down south, back up to the FAR east valley and then back here (here being work). Which is okay, it makes the day go by faster and today? I do NOT intend sitting for hours at a repair shop. I'm not even going to call them, they have my number, when it's done, they can call me. My son will just have to go without a car for a couple of days (hopefully that's all it is).

As for me, I'm outta here, time to geeeeeet to work.



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