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Cafe World Tips 21: Cafe World Is ALWAYS Slow - Answer

This posting is for Cafe World players that are looking for an answer to the slow experience they are having with Zynga's Cafe World.

I played the game for 11 months on an old computer.  It had an Intel 4 Pentium processor; 165 gigabyte hard drive and 2 gigs of ram.  It was the mother of slow gaming - took up to 15 minutes to connect to the game and even long to actually do anything with it.

I have read thousands of complaints (yes,I HAVE read thousands of complaints) that blame Zynga - the producer/mother/owner of Cafe World on Facebook - is to blame for this.

Yes, there are times when it is slow.  But when you are talking slow all the time, I believe the answer lies within your computer.

I built a new computer.  It has 8 gigs of RAM (4 usable for the OS I am using which is Windows XP that does not support 64 bit application and will only support up to 4 gigs of RAM).  It has  a 1 TB hard drive.  Well, it has all kinds of stuff.  I built it to work for now and also to work for f…

Wednesday 11/10/2010


I'm going to write another Cafe World entry today or soon - the final word on slow running cafe or low buzz rating. It's very simply this: If you have a slow cafe, can't get in, yada yada yada, look at your computer and stop blaming Zynga. Period. I don't have any isses getting into Cafe World anymore and zinging right through everything with my new computer - and that using only half the RAM I have in it.

But let's not go there now, as I said, that would be a DIFFERENT entry and here I go sounding off on THIS entry. I think I'm still a bit peeved at that car, at least I have mine back to get back and forth to work until something is figured out with that old thing.

The most entertaining news of the day (for me anyway): 4,500 people stranded on what amounts to a dead ship. Lol. I wonder what kind of putrid smells and air must be floating around in that thing without AC and certainly no hot water gotta be fun. The only thing they have said is that ther…