Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday 11/12/2010


Work week almost over. Another week with car problems - over - hopefully for a long time. I won't be holding my breath, but one can dream.

The fact that I didn't have to shell out yet hundreds of more dollars to get it into running condition was a blessing and certainly not a disuised one. I would be facing my week off during Thanksgiving being pretty much broke if that had been the case. 

Of course, I don't really plan on doing anything during that time excepting buying all the fixings for a huge turkey dinner which the trailer tenants have already indicated that they would be extremely interested in cooking. Still, broke is never a good "condition" to be in.

Meanwhile, I'm reading about Obama's rant at the Summit and wondering if anyone is even bothering to listen. His renewed interest in jobs creation is humorous. The talk about jobs was almost completely gone when Obama, Reid and Pelosi were literally forcing the health care bill through, now all of a sudden here we go again. And anyone wonders why the elections turned out the way that they did?

I would also like to argue with this idea that Social Security benefits is an "entitlement" program. That's a LOAD of BS. If you REALLY want to call it that, then yes, I'm entitled to take the money I paid into it for my entire life with the promise that I would get X amount every month when I am near the end of life. That is the end of that story: we PAID into it for THAT purpose, it's a separate deduction on your paycheck, it's not part of the general fund. If it is gone when I get to retirement, well, obviously I and a lot of other people that PAID for it are not going to be happy (and probably be broke). 

There are 2 things I fear in growing old: being broke and being single. I let the 2% deduction out of my paycheck for 401k start back up again earlier this year - our company does that automatically, you can opt out if you like - and haven't either increased it or reduced it. It has an "amazing" $9,000.00 in it. I'm 46 years old and all I have saved for retirement is 9k? Ouch. If I could afford to up it to where it was pre-economic-disaster era, I would. I was trying to get to the point where I would be comfortable with having 10% being deducted from every paycheck.

Not anywhere near that now, obviously. Well, it's just something that I think about now and then and wonder, what, exactly, my retirement will "look" like and at what I can expect to actually be able to stop working. If the White House has it's way, the day I stop working is the day my body is being viewed in a casket......

.........with that, I bid you good day.


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