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Saturday 11/13/2010

I got up this morning, looked at those dogs with a pathetic look on their face and decided to take them for a walk.  This time, however, instead of walking them to the mountains, I got them in the car and drove over there.  It is too much of  a pain to try and get 3 very large dogs to cross Baseline road with all of that traffic.  I just would rather not.   It was about a 25 minute hike up and down mountainsides.  There were a LOT of other hikers out there, but fortunately, no other dogs.

Getting done with that, I decided to go to Home Depot.  The shower faucet in the bathroom is leaking and it's leaking on the hot water side.  Wasted water, wasted electricity.  I have a clue about these things: not fixing them will cost you FAR more than forking out the money for a new setup or parts to repair the old.  I decided to replace the whole thing because it has a bent cold water handle - I have no idea how that happened, surely one of the tenants does - and I didn't want to fool wi…