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Monday 11/15/2010 Trip To Sells, Arizona

A very interesting drive on a road that I don't ever remember travelling before today.
The cruise down I-10 to I-8 to Trekell road - same thing I've done too many times in  the past.  I know this drive well.
But, after that, I hadn't seen any of it before.
Heading south, passing 2 separate locations with Sheriffs pulling over vehicles, the road ended on the "American" side and started on the "Native American" side.  Indian 15.  That's what the 2 lane, 55 mph highway is called. It is a sign with an icon of a Tomahawk.  15 in the center of the tomahawk and Indian on top of it.

It was an amazing drive.  On several fronts.  First, I had never been on the road before, or if I had, possibly on one of the endless road trips my parents used to take, I certainly didn't remember it.  Second, the vastness of the desert.  You could see - if mountains weren't in the way - for miles and miles, just endless desert.  Third, the crosses.  This road had very …