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First Dead Fish

Lovely title, aye?
Well, that's what I found when I came home from work today.
I saw that fish and first thought that a Heron might have found my ponds and here we go, what now?
But then, I started thinking about it.  This is the pond that is above ground.  From what I have read, Heron need to be able to step into a pond.  I don't think that includes up and over almost 2 feet in heigth.

The dead fish was about 3-1/2 feet from the pond.  What Heron is going to drop a fish, as what I've read can happen, only 3 feet from a pond and not stop to pick it back up?  From what I've read, it's much further away, they're taking off, drop it, for whatever reason don't come back for it.  But 3 feet?

I surmise the thing accidentally jumped out of the pond.  It happens.  I have seen some of those fish jumping out of the water on more than one occasion.  They have, however, always landed back IN the water, not outside of the pond itself.  It undoubtedly flopped around unt…

Tuesday 11/16/2010


So, the foreclosure fiasco with banks speeding through documentation and not following their own procedures closely when foreclosing on a home - could cause even further, massive financial chaos or - it could cause nothing.

What else is new. Supposedly, somewhere around mid-next-year, more ARM's are going to "adjust" and that will send yet another wave of foreclosures and financial shock through the system. I have only heard about that one, though, I haven't read it anywhere - yet.

The real news, for me anyway, is this situation going on with TSA, the full body scanners at airports and the fact that more and more people are rejecting the idea of walking through what amounts to be an x-ray machine, exposing themselves to radiation for the sake of security.

I was watching a lot of video and reading a lot of material about this situation yesterday. There was one incident where a man in San Diego refused to go through the machine, otherwise known as "opt-out…