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Wednesday 11/17/2010


2-1/2 days until 8 days off.
Yup, I'm counting the days now. I have this half-plucked idea I might spend a day or two before Thanksgiving going down to see dad - but - not sure about that. I think I can take a couple days off during the week between Christmas and New Year's even though I am also taking this much time off at Thanksgiving.

A nuclear free world? Obama and his attempt to get a new treaty ratification going with Russia and the apparent fact that it's going to be shot down for now. There is never going to be a world without nukes. It would be extremely stupid for the U.S. to agree to, eventually, disarm and dismantle all of them. We would be sitting ducks, available for roasting at any time. Nukes aren't meant to be used, really, just deterrents for other nations not to use THEIR'S against us.

I started toying with the idea of short-saling the house. 10, 15 years until the mortgage is equal to what the house is worth? Lol, I mean, that IS laughable…