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Feeling QUITE Under The Weather

...........and considering the weather is absolutely beautiful, it makes it that much worse.

I left work after I finished whatever there was to be done at 10:30 am.  I have PLENTY of sick hours, so no biggies there.  I felt like throwing up all morning long, then my head started feeling woozy and now?  I just got up from an almost 2-hour nap.  Do I feel any better?

NO, is the definitive statement on that situation.  Worse, my sister-in-law is coming over to give me 2 Koi in about half an hour.  She is desperate to get rid of them, so I am not going to say no, but I am also not going to be very much into a lengthy social interaction, either.  She wants some goldfish in exchange - I offered - but at this point, I have absolutely NO desire to try and catch fish.

Oh well.  I found out today that several people at our main branch have also come down sick - they didn't show up for work. I am going to show up to work tomorrow morning unless I feel REALLY bad because, it's the last da…

Thursday 11/18/2010


Ate some shrimp yesterday afternoon. Last night, it must have come back alive, cause'
it woke me up. It was deciding whether to go through my system or back out the way it came in.
Yeah, well, about an hour of that and it finally settled back down and I slept the rest of the night.
No need to go into too much detail about what happened this morning as I walked out the door to leave for work and ........ended up running back into the house.

So, my sister-in-law is contacting me on Facebook yesterday having some kind of emergency. What's up? She has an aquarium. She has 2 Koi in it. She says the Koi food is clogging up her filtration system and the water is turning yucky, she wants to get rid of the Koi.

I'll take hers and anyone else's Koi that want to get rid of them for free!
She wanted to bring them over last night. No thanks. I want to be able to see what I'm doing out there, night time is NOT a good time to introduce fish into a TOTALLY different kind of envi…