Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feeling QUITE Under The Weather

...........and considering the weather is absolutely beautiful, it makes it that much worse.

I left work after I finished whatever there was to be done at 10:30 am.  I have PLENTY of sick hours, so no biggies there.  I felt like throwing up all morning long, then my head started feeling woozy and now?  I just got up from an almost 2-hour nap.  Do I feel any better?

NO, is the definitive statement on that situation.  Worse, my sister-in-law is coming over to give me 2 Koi in about half an hour.  She is desperate to get rid of them, so I am not going to say no, but I am also not going to be very much into a lengthy social interaction, either.  She wants some goldfish in exchange - I offered - but at this point, I have absolutely NO desire to try and catch fish.

Oh well.  I found out today that several people at our main branch have also come down sick - they didn't show up for work. I am going to show up to work tomorrow morning unless I feel REALLY bad because, it's the last day before my 8 days off.  I can usually force myself through a work day when sick, but I also don't want to spread it around to anyone.

In the latest news - like just now - the female tenant that lost her last waitering job - just lost the new job, too.
She took a nap and overslept.  I dunno about any of that, but if she stays current on rent, which she has without any full-time job, instead,working for  a company doing house-cleaning, it doesn't bother me.  I mean, doesn't it stand to reason that if you are due to show up at work at a certain time, you are going to do whatever it takes to GET there on time?  Like, set an alarm clock?

My sister-in-law finally arrived.  I am not feeling well, at all.  I had no desire to deal with it, I love the fish setup out there, but most things take a back seat when I am sick.  Just focus on getting better and then I'll get back to the things that I like to do.  Her 2 Koi are about 5 inches long, very colorful, nice looking fish.  I put them in the water and they were swimming around in there like they were in heaven.   I offered her some goldfish, she would only take one of them.  I offered her a plecostomus - I have too many - she took one.  All of them are VERY large - I thought maybe a bit too large for her tank.  I asked her to let me know if it was showing signs of stress in there as I would take it back if so.

We got into a conversation anyway- I don't like being rude even if I feel like s*** - I heard a story that I had never heard about her.  Her ex-husband had shot her 5 times at close range with a .45 caliber handgun in 1998.  A long story, but my gosh.  How do you live at close range with holes the size of baseballs in you?  She was in a coma for a month and a half and said it cost her company - Boeing - 3 million dollars in the end to deal with all the expenses she incurred.

Nice company that will eat that kind of expense.  My company doesn't have a limit, either.  Most companies have a million dollar limit and it's over.

Anyway, that's over.  I can't remember the last time I have felt this bad, hope it doesn't last too long.


Thursday 11/18/2010


Ate some shrimp yesterday afternoon. Last night, it must have come back alive, cause'
it woke me up. It was deciding whether to go through my system or back out the way it came in.
Yeah, well, about an hour of that and it finally settled back down and I slept the rest of the night.
No need to go into too much detail about what happened this morning as I walked out the door to leave for work and ........ended up running back into the house.

So, my sister-in-law is contacting me on Facebook yesterday having some kind of emergency. What's up? She has an aquarium. She has 2 Koi in it. She says the Koi food is clogging up her filtration system and the water is turning yucky, she wants to get rid of the Koi.

I'll take hers and anyone else's Koi that want to get rid of them for free!
She wanted to bring them over last night. No thanks. I want to be able to see what I'm doing out there, night time is NOT a good time to introduce fish into a TOTALLY different kind of environment. An aquarium and a pond are 2 totally different things and it takes fish a while to make the transition comfortably. 

Which reminds me, get some stress reducer on the way home from work, it helps fish eash into a new environment.

Sarah Pallin. I have figured from the beginning that her departing as governor and going on campaign trails all over the place was eventually going to lead to what it looks like may just happen: a run for the presidency. The talk is growing stronger and stronger and now there is an article out. Of course, the loud mouths are already debunking her and saying there is no way she could ever get voted into the Oval Office. I would like to suggest that those people simply have the platform with the press and use it - frequently - to express their opinion, and frankly, that's all ANY of us have when it comes to politics: an opinion. 

Would I vote for her? Well, if she was the only other thing going up against Obama, yes, definitely. The political landscape is going to change dramatically, however, over the next, what 12 months or so? Give it time, see who comes up to the forefront, see who is the best qualified candidate. 

2 more work days, including today, until the start of vacation. I'm going to be sleeping in, I can say that much with confidence. Every day, sleep in at least an hour if not more. 

Whatever the case, I am done with writing - my system is acting pretty messed up right now and I'm not really feeling all that great. I dunno what was wrong with that shrimp, I don't normally have this kind of reaction from that particular food, but, definitey, my system said no to it and is kicking it out.



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