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Well this work day won't get over with fast enough.
I am feeling better, but not enough to say I really wanted to get out of bed this morning and rush right on down to work.

Whatever plans I may have had for this weekend are shot down unless I come back to life here. Of course, I am also starting an 8 day off vacation, so, I have plenty of recovery time available : )

I sent my mom a bouquet of flowers - an "Autumn" bunch, which were supposed to arrive 2 days ago. Yesterday morning, I called her and she said she hadn't received anything.

I called the florist - they had sent me an email saying that "your flowers have been delivered" - all bright and airy. The guy put me on hold and said he would call them to find out what happened.

Well, it turns out, my mom wasn't home so they left them at the house next door (note that I specifically put on the instructions, of which they give the option, to leave at the doorstep). I didn't give them a hard time, t…