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Sunday 11/21/2010

Look, I've been reading the news.  I'm taking my leisurely ole' time doing whatever I please - I'm on vacation and that's that.
I find it highly - and I do mean HIGHLY - amusing that Obama, Clinton and all of the rest of the rhetoric pukers are now suddenly talking bi-partisan-ship and attempting to make the GOP look bad because of Kyle's resistance to voting on a treat during a lame-duck session.

Where was the bi-partisan ship during the health care debates?  Behind closed doors, dems-only invites.  CNN coverage, as promised by Obama?  Never happened.  GOP had it's own version of a bill, Dems wouldn't even look at it.  In fact, just about everything Obama has "accomplished" has simply a Democratic agenda that has been easily rammed through because of majorities in both houses and a Democratic president.

Well welcome to reality.  The Americans that voted out the incumbents are not going to fall for this BS.  Kyle has his reasons, that he has …