Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday 11/21/2010

Look, I've been reading the news.  I'm taking my leisurely ole' time doing whatever I please - I'm on vacation and that's that.
I find it highly - and I do mean HIGHLY - amusing that Obama, Clinton and all of the rest of the rhetoric pukers are now suddenly talking bi-partisan-ship and attempting to make the GOP look bad because of Kyle's resistance to voting on a treat during a lame-duck session.

Where was the bi-partisan ship during the health care debates?  Behind closed doors, dems-only invites.  CNN coverage, as promised by Obama?  Never happened.  GOP had it's own version of a bill, Dems wouldn't even look at it.  In fact, just about everything Obama has "accomplished" has simply a Democratic agenda that has been easily rammed through because of majorities in both houses and a Democratic president.

Well welcome to reality.  The Americans that voted out the incumbents are not going to fall for this BS.  Kyle has his reasons, that he has outlined publicly, for wanting to wait until the freshman newcomers are sworn-in/actually in office.

Not going too far into that, it doesn't upset me, no, it just makes all of them look pathetic.  Crying and whining about "partisan politics", they are the grand masters of that s*** and they can now eat it JUST the same that they smiled with a **** eating grin shoving their bile down everyone else's throats.

I have no love for either party, but the Dems seem  to want to be able to play this game from both ends of the table, whichever side they happen to be on, they work it to the Nth degree.  My middle brother is EXACTLY this type of person, there are always excuses for everything and it must always be someone else's fault if something goes wrong, ALWAYS.

Onto other things.  It rained today. Didn't expect that but haven't checked the forecasts for over a week now.  Skies were very dark, but the rain only lasted a few minutes.  I wished it would have rained all day long.

Caleb has to work Thanksgiving Day.  He was shocked when he was asked about whether he was working or not - people actually have to work on Thanksgiving Day?  Yes, though not all that long ago, grocery chains shut down altogether on Thanksgiving.  I think it a mistake to have stores opened on a day when everyone should be able to take a day off and spend it with whomever they choose.  I understand emergency service personnel having to work, but a grocery chain?  Supposedly Walmart and Sears are now opting to be open on Thanksgiving Day as well.

I'm not amused.  As far as food for the big feast goes, there are ALL of these days before Thanksgiving - make your list, go to the store, buy it, get it over with.  Which reminds me, I was going to take the turkey out of the freezer this morning and put it into the refrigerator.  Umm, I think I'll give it a kick start and leave it out until bedtime.  Maybe take it out of the refrigerator again tomorrow for another 6 hours or so. It takes many days for a turkey to thaw in my refrigerator.

The entire day has passed since I started writing this.  I'm watching one of the Lord of the Rings movies, thinking about what I am going to do tomorrow (as change from: what is going on at work tomorrow); and thinking about going to bed soon.  I know, vacation you should stay up late.  When you get used to going to bed early and have done it for years and years, it's just what you do, only on a few occasions do you push it later.

Anyway, have a great evening/night/sleep.


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