Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday 11/22/2010

What happened to the day?
I'm asking myself that question as bedtime rolls around and I didn't even get an entry in.
I did much of nothing, again.
I mean, a load of laundry, a bit of cleaning, feed this and that, but nothing major.

However, I did get it into my head that the smallest pond should be installed out front of my house and remove several plants to do so.

I have not, however, figured out what, exactly, I am going to do with the dirt.  Which sort of nixes that project before it started.  I have no idea what to do with the dirt. I don't have a pickup truck to haul it off, I have no open areas where I could put a mound of dirt and say, gee, that looks good.

Dunno.  I ain't giving up on it, I just haven't figured this out yet.

Besides that? Tomorrow's high temp? Forecast at 65 degrees.


I was sitting out there at the ponds today and the breeze made it feel a bit brisk.  That, sitting in direct sunlight.
Now THAT'S a change!



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