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Wednesday 11/24/2010

I missed writing an entry yesterday.
Actually, I had one going, I just didn't finish it and it's in a draft form.
You might be surprised at how many entries I have in draft form, lol.

What to say?
North Korea.  If a military attack from one country against another is not considered an act of war, what is?  Unbelievable.  Let's just give out useless "condemnations" from the White House forever.  Oh, and BTW, why was it such a great shock to find out they have much more nuclear capability than what was previously thought?  If we don't do anything, they will just continue to grow their nuclear ability until - yes, until they can send nukes wherever, just like we can, just like Russia can.

Sanctions aren't working and they are NEVER going to work, that's all I can say.

Vacation.  What's to say?  I'm enjoying the time off.  The temps outside are unbelievably wondeful.  I spent  a good part of the afternoon working out front, trimming gr…