Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Sales Frenzy

I'm not sorry to say that I will never support stores in going out on Thanksgiving Day to buy - stuff.  Just like the deal with grocery stores now being open until 6:00 pm.  Are there not enough days leading up to Thanksgiving to be able to buy whatever you need in advance?  Christmas is what, 30 something days off, and we need to degrade the spirit of THIS day for the commercialization of a future holiday?

No.  I don't care how good the deals are, I wasn't going and I won't be going.  Stores should shut down, just like they "used" to on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  Even if you don't celebrate the day as it once was, doesn't it seem even necessary that there are a couple of days per year where most everyone can expect not to work and get together with others?  I know, I wrote about this a couple of days ago, but the desperation from retailers is crossing the line in a big way, at least with me.  I'm not saying I won't ever go to their stores - I'm saying I won't go to their stores today.

I had thoughts of getting up early and going to Black Friday sales, but I don't think so. I mean, I will get up early - my normal time - and head out to see if there's anything left, but to get up at midnight for a 5:00 am sale is a bit ridiculous.  Those people sitting out there?  Phoenix is under a freeze warning tonight. Well, parts of it is, anyway.  The point is that it is going to be cold out there and there are people at Walmarts and all kinds of other stores, sitting in chairs, waiting for these stores to open up.  Kohl's opening at 3:00 am.

I don't see any deals that are worth me freezing my @$$ off in the night cold in 30 degree weather to get a deal.  Not sorry, don't care.  The only thing I am really after is a gift for my mother, not anything for myself.

Whatever the case, Thanksgiving at mother's was very pleasant, sans my brothers - they weren't there in other  words (I have encountered TOO many people that have no idea what sans means) - Caleb, one of the dogs and I headed out and got  there around 2:45 pm.  Caleb had to work but came straight here and we headed out to grandma's.  Great food.  It was a good visit and I was glad to have gone.

Got home - a PILE of food out on the counters.  The trailer tenants cooked all that food, ate to their heart's content, I couldn't believe how much food is left over.  I repeated 6 times anyway: HELP ME EAT THIS STUFF!! Don't ask, just come in, help yourself, come in later, help yourself some more.  I was amazed at that amount of food left over.  I would have run an ad if I would have known this, and frankly, I might anyway.

My big refrigerator is loaded with the stuff.  Well, we'll be eating well for days.

As for the temps tonight, a hard freeze forecast.  Just a general Phoenix forecast for it.  I haven't even gotten out my blankets and sheets that I have in the shed for these occasions yet.  Well, I found a local forecast that specified which cities were in that hard freeze forecast - it is all outlying cities, not for Phoenix.  I hope it's right, cause I don't have protection on plants that would need it.

I also threw in an extra heater in to each pond.  The fish were all hovering around the 1 heating in the large pond, now they have 2 heaters to hover around.  Leave the extras in there until around tomorrow afternoon.  I do wonder about the trailer tenants.   There is no heat in there, I know they have plenty of blankets. I have camped out in the wilderness in zero degree temperatures, but that doesn't mean that it's actually fun or anything. It's more like a challenge, can I survive this without freezing to death?  Of course you can with the proper gear.

Of course,  don't turn the heat on in here, either.  But, this house is well insulated and when I walked in here tonight, it was quite warm in here.  In fact, overly warm from the cooking that was being done.

Well, whatever the case, it was a good day.  I am having a nice vacation.  3 days left before going back to work on Monday.  Our company is actually opened tomorrow - but it is usually dead.  Our contractors always shut down for Thanksgiving through Monday.  The stores are only opened until noon - I am not working, no biggies to me, just seems almost a waste to even open the place up.  Our company is all about numbers, though, there must be the numbers there to substantiate opening up.

So, my bed time really.  But there is a movie on I have never seen, one of those feel-good movies: The Town Christmas Forgot.  I'm going to stay up until 10:00 to finish watching it and then go to bed.  That's LATE for me!  I'll get up around 5:00 am, head over to Walmart and see if the 19 inch TV for $98 is available.  If not, well, not the end of the world, definitely.

Well, hope everyone had a great day.



Happy Thanksgiving 11/25/2010

Just want to wish a happy Thanksgiving to everyone, especially regular readers from all over the net (and world) - even if your country doesn't celebrate this particular holiday.  I am going to my mother's house this afternoon with Caleb to visit and partake and then coming home to another feast afterwards.

I am thankful, more than anything, for the love of the Lord in my life.  I am thankful, also, to have a roof over my head; food to eat; a job to go to to bring home the bacon; a car to drive to get to work;  I'm thankful for what family I have left and friends.

I hope you all have a great day, it's good to be alive.


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