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Black Friday 11/26/2010

I didn't bother to get up early.  It was cold - in the 30's and I had no expectation that anything on sale would just disappear as they used to when times were good, money was flowing, people were using their homes as ATM machines (second mortgages/refi's) and spending on credit cards was no big deal.  I still couldn't believe the TV images yesterday and even the day before of people camping out in front of stores for these "big" deals.  If they were giving away free 72 inch HDTV TV's, yes, I would pitch a tent.  I have waited in the past an hour and  a half at most.  That's when it first started.  No-one was putting up tents and showing up 24 hours in advance.  I don't see the point of sacrificing that much time in a very uncomfortable setting to get - things.  They put one woman on the news and asked her - she was first in line - what she was going to get.  She didn't even know!!! She just knew she'd find "something" and that w…