Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday 11/27/2010

Vacation slowly winding down.  Today and tomorrow left and then poof, back to driving trucks all over the place and everything else that is associated with my job description.  I hope it's busy Monday morning as I would rather just jump right back into it and having something to do versus - nothing.

I got up this morning and headed over to Ace Hardware to see if I could score a weedeater with the 50% off coupon.  The coupon is restricted:  Nothing over $30 and nothing that is on sale.  They had one weedeater at $24.99 - small but exactly what I needed.  Everything else was over $30.  I got that one and paid a whopping $13.95 for it.  Put it together, went out there and started hacking down overgrown grass.  THAT little project is going to take a while to finish.

I also went to Home Depot and spent the store credit on the electrical setup I need for outside.  Huge overkill.  A 6 breaker box.  It was the smallest outdoor box they had.  They had plenty of smaller indoor boxes, but not outdoor.   It wasn't that expensive, I just didn't really want one with that big of a box or that many circuit breakers.  I could power EVERYTHING outside with that box, easily.  As it stands, I only bought one circuit breaker for it and the wiring.  I only need it for Christmas lights out front for right now.  I will eventually run line next to the big pond and have it running off of that setup with a 4 outlet setup right there, next to that pond.

I don't need that right now, I am just going to put a 2-outlet setup out front for Christmas lights out there.  I won't have to run miles of extension cords, I can start running lights right off that setup.  I haven't started on that yet, I am still feeling vacationy - like - I don't really want to do to much intensive.  But, I would like to start getting Christmas lights out there.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm looking at this picture of this 19 year old freak of nature that conspired to blow up a van at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  I mean, the Feds were all over this and the whole thing wasn't even real to begin with, the bomb was a fake put together by the feds.  The question I have is: how many more of these nutcases are out there, in our country, planning to blow up whatever?  None?  10?  100?  1000?  More?  These people are already HERE is the point.  That's insanity.  We can only ask the Good Lord that all of this stuff is uncovered before an - NFL stadium is blown up full of people or a concert at a concert hall or a huge gathering of people outdoors such as with this Christmas tree plot.

NK is still churning the rhetoric machine.  Don't really want to go into all of that again, just waiting to see what, if anything, happens with this joint military exercises the US is going to do with SK.

As for now, I am going to go outside, get the electrical components and get started on doing whatever it is going to take to get the new electrical panel installed, up and running.



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