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Saturday 11/27/2010

Vacation slowly winding down.  Today and tomorrow left and then poof, back to driving trucks all over the place and everything else that is associated with my job description.  I hope it's busy Monday morning as I would rather just jump right back into it and having something to do versus - nothing.

I got up this morning and headed over to Ace Hardware to see if I could score a weedeater with the 50% off coupon.  The coupon is restricted:  Nothing over $30 and nothing that is on sale.  They had one weedeater at $24.99 - small but exactly what I needed.  Everything else was over $30.  I got that one and paid a whopping $13.95 for it.  Put it together, went out there and started hacking down overgrown grass.  THAT little project is going to take a while to finish.

I also went to Home Depot and spent the store credit on the electrical setup I need for outside.  Huge overkill.  A 6 breaker box.  It was the smallest outdoor box they had.  They had plenty of smaller indoor boxes, but …