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Sunday 11/28/2010

There was a 1% chance of rain forecast yesterday for today.
ONE percent.  So what does it do this morning? Yup.  Rains.  A pleasant diversion, actually.

Well, anyway, I get that whole electrical setup done yesterday for find - that whoever wired the AC system wired it with incorrect colored wire and the neutral wire is actually a hot wire.  I was feeding the new panel off of that 100 amp lug.

So, this morning, I decided I was going to find out how possible it is to punch out a new hole at the bottom of the main circuit panel and attempt to feed a line through the hole, down through the wall and yes, through a small hole in the floor to get access to running a  line under the house and over to where the new panel is already set up.  This would provide the neutral line that is imperative for that kind of setup.

I didn't expect it to be easy, and it didn't let me down.  First off, I had to crawl under the house to get to it.  This is no small chore in itself, because there ar…