Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday 11/28/2010

There was a 1% chance of rain forecast yesterday for today.
ONE percent.  So what does it do this morning? Yup.  Rains.  A pleasant diversion, actually.

Well, anyway, I get that whole electrical setup done yesterday for find - that whoever wired the AC system wired it with incorrect colored wire and the neutral wire is actually a hot wire.  I was feeding the new panel off of that 100 amp lug.

So, this morning, I decided I was going to find out how possible it is to punch out a new hole at the bottom of the main circuit panel and attempt to feed a line through the hole, down through the wall and yes, through a small hole in the floor to get access to running a  line under the house and over to where the new panel is already set up.  This would provide the neutral line that is imperative for that kind of setup.

I didn't expect it to be easy, and it didn't let me down.  First off, I had to crawl under the house to get to it.  This is no small chore in itself, because there are many low-lying obstacles in the way.  Getting there, I realized I would need a knife to cut away the plastic that covers the entire bottom of the house.  Back out, got the knife and a flashlight, back under.  Prince following me under there each time. HOW that giant dog can squeeze himself under there?  Amazing sight.  Maybe I'll get a video of it and post it on YouTube.

Cut the plastic.  Out again, cordless drill with a wood bit on it.  Back under.  Drill several holes.  Bit not big enough.  Back out.  7/8ths bit.  Drill new hole.  Back out.  Start trying to fish a piece of Romex down through the top hole, the wall and find the bottom hole.

An hour of this.  I finally decide to try and find something rigid and straight to stick down through there.  But what?  No way am I stick the only thing that comes to mind in there:  a stick of rebar.  No, whatever it is, it's not going to be able to conduct electricity.   Small tree that died after I transplanted it last year.  That was the ticket. Cut it out, cut off the branches, perfect.  FIRST try and it goes straight down through the hole at the bottom and out.  WHY didn't the Romex do that?  Because, I was trying to feed it at the wrong angle.  Changed my angle, walaah.  I went back under the house and sure enough, there it was, mixed in with a clump of other wiring being fed to the entire house.  Secured it at the top, put the main panel door back on, done for today.

Why?  That was ENOUGH of that stuff for one day, that's why.  If my explanation of the rigors of trying to just get that part of it done wasn't enough, dunno what else to say.  It is, hopefully the hardest part, though, I will have to drag a line clear under the entire length of that house at a diagonal to get it to the new sub-panel.  Which reminds me, there is no green ground wire, either.  Have to get a 2 strand wire, I guess, might as well do it right.  Either that or just run an entire new line altogether, but that will cost some serious money in wire, that stuff isn't cheap.  Still looking on Craigslist for wire that I might be able to get my hands on.

Male tenant showed up today, after being gone 4 days.  Handed me rent.  Female tenant that was helping a lady with her newborn - gone for the last, what 6 days?  She owes rent - today actually.  The other was off to work early this morning.

I was informed that the Steelers are playing in a little while, I think I'll cruise out the rest of my vacation on a Steelers game followed by whatever movies might be on with a bit of cleaning thrown in.  I am not dreading work tomorrow.   That is no frame of mind to go back to work.  The only thing I ever dread at work is if there is nothing to do - I am a work oriented person, I want to work, I want to keep busy while at work, having nothing to do is not my idea of fun.  People muse about how great it must be to have a job where you just sit around doing nothing.  In my view of it, that is a job from hell, a NIGHTMARE job.  I can't imagine the boredom of inactivity and not using your mind to accomplish anything while you're there 8 hours or however long.

So, I bid you a happy Sunday.  I feel better having taken this time off.  There are 2, 3 day weekends coming up for Christmas and New Year's, so not too long before even more time off.  I probably won't be writing another entry before tomorrow (no guarantees, however), so I bid you a.........



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