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So You Want A Great Dane

I've read this, that and the other thing by so-called experts on Great Danes ALL over the web.  Most of these individuals are nothing more than what I am:  a person that owns a dog or dogs that are of the Great Dane breed.

I have 2 pure-breds and 1 mix.  They all have very, VERY different personalities.  They are wonderful, awesome dogs!! But, like any dog, they also have their peculiarities and sometimes even annoyances.

One of my Danes must follow me everywhere.  His feelings are visibly hurt if I want him to go lay down instead of his face in my face constantly.  The dog knows no limits to his loyalty to be at my side, either.  Yesterday,  I crawled under my house to get at some electrical wiring.  When I say crawl, I mean I was on my belly sliding underneath pipes and conduit and such.

Who was RIGHT behind me?  Yup, Prince, the black Great Dane.  I didn't call him to come follow me under there, the first time I went under the house I had no idea a dog that large could even…

Monday 11/29/2010


Get up this morning - 38 degrees. I didn't have the heat on, no. It isn't cold under the covers. Go to bathroom, turn on hot water - comes out - cool by the time it's running "hot". No clue. Get in, shock and awe, jump out freezing.

Get dressed - I had turned the water heater breaker off when I was working on the electrical stuff yesterday. On the way out this morning, one of the dogs catches the phone wire and yanks it right out of the wall. Wonderful. That supplies the internet. Left a note for Kirby - he uses the internet during the day in combination with a side business he runs. Get a new phone line if you must have internet and I will reimburse you.

What else was I going to do? They don't cost that much, that isn't the problem, I don't happen to have an extra 25 foot line laying around.

Get to work. They left the heat on all weekend long. Not a problem, per se, just a waste of electricity when no-one is here. Check the routing system - at lea…