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Wednesday 12/1/2010


Got home late yesterday from work. At noon an "emergency" came in and some valves had to be delivered to a water company in Coolidge. That got me home at around 4:30.

Do we need to get deficit spending under control? Obviously. Bring down the national debt? Of course. Should we just ignore the millions of people that are going to be affected by the complete loss of unemployment benefits?

Not so fast. I know people that get those benefits, it's ALL they have. The people that I know aren't sitting home watching soap operas or playing on video gaming consoles during the day, either, they are either hitting the streets putting in applications or online doing the same. There are entitlement programs that need to go entirely, there are others that need to be scaled back, but this?

I can't agree with. The news is saying that jobless benefits begin to run out today. If we're going to bail out banks and become part owners of car dealerships, the least we can do …

Tuesday 11/30/2010


Yesterday, after getting home from work, I put the turtles in "storage". Pulled them out of that cold water, one of them was quite upset about it and hissed at me. Well, whatever, turtle, according to the experts you'll be far happier in a box with padding than in freezing cold water. And so it is, they are in the storage shed as I type this.

There is a freeze warning in effect right now as well, but, the temp outside is 37 degrees. I'm not worried about my plants as this isn't cold enough to damage to any of them that I know of. I guess I'll find out later on when I get home from work.

Unfortunately, the cold weather means the dogs are going to have to have access to the house while I'm at work. No choice in the matter, large, short-haired dogs in almost freezing weather? Gotta be able to get into some warmth.

The house is much warmer than it is outside and that without even running central heat. I turned it on for a few minutes this morning to bring…