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Arizona Department of Transportation Highway Patrol Commercial Enforcement

So, I was travelling through the same stretch of highway today as I was yesterday.
I got beyond where the "infraction" occured yesterday and was merrily cruising on SR 87
towards Coolidge.  Getting closer to Coolidge, I came upon 2 Highway Patrol - a cruiser and an SUV -
parked window to window so they could talk to each other.

Neither of those vehicles were that of which pulled me over yesterday, issuing bogus warnings.  Yes, I call them bogus because - they WERE bogus, both of them.

Well, I was cruising 63 in a 65 zone, so nothing there.  In fact, I didn't give them a second thought, I am doing nothing wrong, was checked out yesterday, why should I have to worry about it again today?

I check my mirrors frequently.  You learn that in trucking, check your sides.  But it isn't just for traffic, I am pulling a flatbed trailer, I am looking at my load and my straps.  Always looking back there.  Is there a loose strap? Has anything shifted for unknown reason? I can…

Friday 12/3/2010


I was pulled over in the semi yesterday by AZ DPS officer. These are the guys whose almost sole job is to pull over commercial vehicles and do inspections.

And, as is their custom, they will always find something wrong with your truck so as to either write up a citation or give you a warning.

I was given 2 warnings yesterday, thanks a lot, there goes my bonus next month, next?

The first warning, and this after the guy spent 40 minutes inspecting the truck, the tractor and the load to the nth degree, was for a strap that had a slit in it. After looking at the strap, I concluded that it was still legally usable. 3/4's of an inch. Further, the cargo that that strap was tying down? Had TWO straps on it. In the case of that cargo, which was a crate holding 3 small check valves weighing at most 500 pounds, ONE strap was legally enough to secure it. The cargo was over-strapped - a thing of which the officer complimented me on and then gives me the warning.


The second war…

Thursday 11/2/2010


I'm standing in awe of the fact that it IS Thursday already. Where has the week gone? Oh, yes, work has been very busy and keeping me late. Today will be no exception. I was supposed to make 2 trips to Florence yesterday, but, I ended up driving everywhere BUT a second trip there. No, that trip is this morning. Back to the yard, load up for 2 other deliveries and then done. That should take a good part of the day.

Another whammy coming our way: the end of the Bush tax cuts. Or not. Who knows. The bickering in Washington never ceases to amaze me. GOP says extend it to all, Dems say not to the rich, I say shut the bleep up and do what's right for America. The "rich" continue to say that if those tax cuts aren't extended, then it will restrict their ability to pursue hiring more workers. The Dems believe that the rich - shouldn't be rich I guess - sock it to them.

For right now? I say extend it for everyone at least temporarily and then they can sit the…