Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday 12/4/2010

So, I went up to Home Depot to get the wire for the sub-panel.
I asked for help, wasn't really SURE about what I should be doing here.
A lady comes up, I asked if she knew anything about electrical.  "Some".
Well, I started asking questions which is when a man comes walking up - not
an employee - and begins asking me questions about my setup.
Back and forth for quite a while.
I am no expert here, I have never set up a sub-panel.
The conclusion I came to?  Gonna have to do a much thicker gauge wire to feed that sub-panel.
Because of that, I have decided to not use the lug that feeds the AC unit.
It would cost $200 worth of wire alone to feed it that far.
No, instead, I am going to move it to within about 10 feet of the main panel, outside, yes, but not
too far from the main box.
I can run Romex from the sub-panel to wherever outside that I need outlets.
However.  That 10 feet of wire will be another $35 or so.  I will have to install a 50 am breaker off the main panel, another $15.  I guess I am also going to have to drive a ground rod into the ground - dunno how much the rod is, plus the wire between the rod and the panel.  I have to buy a buss for the green/ground wire to install in the panel.  $5 for that.  Now we're talking about getting into some money here.  Plus a chunk of romex long enough to go from the sub-panel to the front of the house - about 80 feet anyway.  I did find some wire on Craigslist to cover that, though, at a good price.

I had no idea this box setup was going to cost me this much more money.  Talking another $120 or so.  I just don't think that's workable into my budget right now.  I think that box is going to wait for "better times".  I have my mom's Christmas present bought, I want to get Caleb something and probably send my oldest brother the steak deal from Omaha steaks.  I just shelled out $250 for auto insurance - though my son gave me $140 to cover most of his portion of it.  I have credit card payments; child support; car payment; water bill and other stuff to pay.

In other words, I can't justify spending that $120 or more on that electrical setup right now and it's going to have to wait.  I am going to use extension cords to put up my Christmas lights outside.  My main reason for wanting the electrical panel and outlets is for the pond setups.  That includes the setup I want to put out front, which will need an outlet out there to serve it.  No, this panel and finishing the job can wait until next month. I am also going to post an ad on CL and see if anyone might have extra from maybe tearing down a house or something that they want to get rid of.  Who knows,it's at least worth a try.  I'll get that panel setup done eventually, but definitely want to do it right, I don't need another house burning down : )

So, pretty quick here I am going into the shed, dig out the lights, start putting them out there.  I think Imight even go get a nice cigar for the occasion.



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