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Saturday 12/4/2010

So, I went up to Home Depot to get the wire for the sub-panel.
I asked for help, wasn't really SURE about what I should be doing here.
A lady comes up, I asked if she knew anything about electrical.  "Some".
Well, I started asking questions which is when a man comes walking up - not
an employee - and begins asking me questions about my setup.
Back and forth for quite a while.
I am no expert here, I have never set up a sub-panel.
The conclusion I came to?  Gonna have to do a much thicker gauge wire to feed that sub-panel.
Because of that, I have decided to not use the lug that feeds the AC unit.
It would cost $200 worth of wire alone to feed it that far.
No, instead, I am going to move it to within about 10 feet of the main panel, outside, yes, but not
too far from the main box.
I can run Romex from the sub-panel to wherever outside that I need outlets.
However.  That 10 feet of wire will be another $35 or so.  I will have to install a 50 am breaker off the main panel,…