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Sunday 12/5/2010

Wow.  That's all I can say about the story in the news I just read.   A 24 year old "man" enters the bedroom of his parents.  He starts stabbing his father.  Then he attacks his mother.  Dad grabs a shotgun, shoots son, son is dead.

I don't remember reading that before.  "Usually", it's the kid that kills the parents or the entire family, the kid shows no remorse, the kid goes to jail to - get stuff done to him for the rest of his life, or most of his life, anyway.

I can't imagine, really, what it would take to shoot your own son and I don't believe I will EVER have to go there.  I CAN see a husband trying to save his wife's life, but the "extra-added-feature" that the assailant is your own son?  Wow!!!

Okay and now then.  I have spent today cleaning house, putting up some more Christmas deco, went to WalMart for dog food, ummmm, nothing much else.  Well, and try to get the female living in the trailer into the Christmas spirit.  S…