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Monday 12/6/2010

Although no time is a good time for a car to break down, certainly on the way to work would be considered one of the "badder" times for it to happen.

So, I"m on the freeway, the car dies.  I pull over onto the shoulder, try to crank, it, not happening.  In this case, it was different because in all other cases, the car would crank away as long as I tried to, not this time. It wouldn't even turn over once.  I figured a bad alternator, perhaps a broken serpentine belt.

Parked the car, walked up the off ramp, called my son.  Come get me, I am not taking a taxi when he's at my house, with my car.  I've made PLENTY of sacrifices in this exchange of him getting to drive a car, the least he could do is get up a bit earlier than normal, come pick me up and I would drop him off at his mother's house - only a mile and a half away - he will have to go without a car until I get this situation resolved.

I had the car towed to my house.  I have no money to take it …