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I called the auto electric shop.The lady on the phone told me $95 per hour shop labor and that it usually takes between a half hour to an hour to diagnose a problem.  I had to call, it was an "urge" - find out what it would cost to at least find out what's wrong with it.  My son gets paid every Friday, he already offered to help.  He likes driving, obviously.  So, I'll contact him again and tell him what it's going to cost - or hopefully not more than $100 - and at this point, hopefully nothing left serious to go.  But who knows.  
My dad's wife fell in their house the other day and hurt herself.  Bad situation, but nothing that is going to end up costing her life, fortunately.  She is really a great person.  Anyway, she has been in terrible pain - I assume, however, the pain killers are taking care of that problem.  
I'm not a moocher or a beggar.  But I have to say it's become very helpful that my dad has been sending me a check every month for what, al…

Tuesday 12/7/2010


Quite a lot of interesting stuff in the news today. Of particular interest because of the evilness of the act are the 4 "adults" that tortured that teenaged kid for over a year. Burned him, starved him, kept him tied up in chains, made him "sleep in a fireplace".

Hmm, the interim "Manager" has already shown up, ready to tackle the day. Not so fast, Hoss, I'm still in pre-work rituals and not signed in yet, thanks.

Oh, but it is distracting and I'm getting offa here. Try again later.