Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday 12/8/2010

I wasn't in the mood to write anything this morning, the time of day when I normally write entries - so I didn't.

I found out who I am paired up with in the Corn Hold contest.  It's a game, it's actually fun and just about anyone can play it.  If you really want to know about what it is, just look it up on the net, there's plenty of info.

Anyway, we played that game last year, I was doing pretty good, my partner started out well and then, kablaam, dug himself into a rut and we lost.  Oh well.  There are 11 teams this year, but, I got the best partner of any of them from last year.  He was nailing the hole over and over and over.  I asked for fun who was going to win this year's contest, he pointed at me. Lol.  That's cause' I'm paired up with the best dude in it, I wasn't hitting as many as he was last year, but I did hit a lot of them.  

I wasn't really thinking I wanted to go to this party this year, but I have changed my mind.  The drag is that it's at least a 50 mile drive, one way.  I drive for work, other than that, driving isn't really all that much up there on my preferred list of things to do.  Have you ever heard a person say that they don't like doing in their free time what they do at work?  That's me.  I drive all day long.  Today was no exception.  So, when I get off of work, yes, the drive home, get it over with and I'm done.

I'm still getting some interest on Plenty of Fish, but the one I was most interested in has flown the coop.  Dunno what happened, but I'm going to send another note anyway.  She did proclaim that she is very shy, so I probably should be working on that angle by itself.  I am not shy, in any way, shape or form.  At least, not in any situation I can think of.  I might be a bit intimidated walking up to an entire couch full of available ladies if that scenario even ever played itself out.  Years of ministry took any inhibitions I had out of me.  Go ahead and get up and preach to 1,000 people - whatever is in you that might be a blockage is going to have to go by the wayside if you want to be effective.  

Just saying I'm actively searching again : ) 

My Christmas lights - of which are plenteous out there - are costing me about 50 cents per night to run.  That was good news.  I looked at the money spent since midnight last night early this morning just before shutting them off, the power usage was nominal.  I figured as such,they are VERY low wattage bulbs, I think they only use half a watt per bulb.  

I haven't logged into KCL in so long, I don't even remember my user name.  The entire format of that site has completely changed.  I see a few people on there that, yes, I do like.  

Okay, I have to chime in on this. I am not wealthy, not even close.  So that's out of the way: WHY do democrats think that wealthy people should have to pay disproportionately more than everyone else?  I don't understand this "logic".  Democrats have had carte blanch to pass whatever bills they wanted for 2 solid YEARS now.  So, they could have done this Bush tax thing LONG ago, when they had total control.  Who do they have to blame?  THEMSELVES.  Again, READ THIS CAREFULLY: The democrats could have already ram-rodded down everyone's throats WHATEVER bill they wanted concerning the Bush-era tax cuts, yet they did nothing.  Now they are whining like a bunch of babies that are teething.  

THEY HAD THEIR CHANCE, 2 YEARS WORTH OF IT.  So SHUT UP ALREADY.  I don't CARE about their pathetic whinings.  Like a bunch of squealing pigs going off to slaughter, it's ridiculous.  I would REALLY like to hear WHY they didn't address this issue when they had full, complete power?  PLEASE and if someone's going to reply here, NO BS and political ramblings.  Thank you.

Too much time has passed, almost bedtime.



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