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Wednesday 12/8/2010

I wasn't in the mood to write anything this morning, the time of day when I normally write entries - so I didn't.
I found out who I am paired up with in the Corn Hold contest.  It's a game, it's actually fun and just about anyone can play it.  If you really want to know about what it is, just look it up on the net, there's plenty of info.
Anyway, we played that game last year, I was doing pretty good, my partner started out well and then, kablaam, dug himself into a rut and we lost.  Oh well.  There are 11 teams this year, but, I got the best partner of any of them from last year.  He was nailing the hole over and over and over.  I asked for fun who was going to win this year's contest, he pointed at me. Lol.  That's cause' I'm paired up with the best dude in it, I wasn't hitting as many as he was last year, but I did hit a lot of them.  
I wasn't really thinking I wanted to go to this party this year, but I have changed my mind.  The drag is t…