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The People Across The Street

Well, let's go straight to the heart of the problem: NOISE.
I ain't talking yelling and screaming, they do plenty of that, but that's not my issue.
Have you ever heard a Harley Davidson, sitting idle, with it's owner revving up the engine?
Sure, lots of people love that sound.
I'm not saying I hate it.
But when 3 of them are sitting across the street, revving them up and making a LOT of noise for 20 or 30 minutes?
Doors and windows closed, they might as well have them sitting where my kitchen table is, the noise is that loud.
Oh, and the car that is driven over there whose owner visits - 40 or 50 year old something or another, beautiufl car, glass packs.  Oh, there they are!! Right NOW, that guy just showed up over there as I was writing this.  There are a dozen vehicles over there for whatever reason, no clue, don't care. They only socialize with their kind, I tried to introduce myself to them when they moved in.

Yup, there are the glasspacks.  Look'em u…

Thursday 12/9/2010

It's just entertainment at it's best (for me, anyway), to see the democrats falling all over themselvse  in an attempt to make themselves stick out in a crowd that used to have complete control and now..........

The President is being dissed by his own party, which is - pretty amazing, really, and a statement of who is really running this country, or has been anyway until the recent elections - Pelosi and Reid.  The president is really a puppet-man, at least the way I see it.

So it is.  Okay, it's kind of nauseating to see all of this bile coming out of so many different, elected politicians, but, I find entertainment in it as well.

I bought most of the stuff for my cheese tray today.  Summer sausage; pepperoni; the normal Pepper Jack and Medium Cheddar  and then, well, I got some fancy stuff, too.  Wine flows freely at those parties and good cheese go great with wine.  I also got some bread, crackers and will be looking for those thin, wafer type crackers that I couldn&…