Thursday, December 9, 2010

The People Across The Street

Well, let's go straight to the heart of the problem: NOISE.
I ain't talking yelling and screaming, they do plenty of that, but that's not my issue.
Have you ever heard a Harley Davidson, sitting idle, with it's owner revving up the engine?
Sure, lots of people love that sound.
I'm not saying I hate it.
But when 3 of them are sitting across the street, revving them up and making a LOT of noise for 20 or 30 minutes?
Doors and windows closed, they might as well have them sitting where my kitchen table is, the noise is that loud.
Oh, and the car that is driven over there whose owner visits - 40 or 50 year old something or another, beautiufl car, glass packs.  Oh, there they are!! Right NOW, that guy just showed up over there as I was writing this.  There are a dozen vehicles over there for whatever reason, no clue, don't care. They only socialize with their kind, I tried to introduce myself to them when they moved in.

Yup, there are the glasspacks.  Look'em up on a Google search if you don't know.

But, the Harleys are much louder.  Just that you get all of this noise making going on at the same time, for sometimes hours on end.  No respect for neighbors.  They don't even care what neighbors think.  My campaign against them will start sooner or later.  When I've had enough, they will be getting visits from the Phoenix police department.  I'll send them a letter first.  It will be nice, it will be as unconfrontational as possible, but it will be to the point.  That letter will go out tomorrow, actually, as after tonight?  I'm done with this.

Take action, slow at first.  No need to start a war if they might, just might, realize that that kind of noise is unreasonable.

I do not live in a "normal" neighborhood. Besides child molesters, meth-heads, illegals, people that don't work and haven't worked since LONG before the recession even thought about popping it's ugly head out, total assholes and a few other types?  This is the biggest reason I want out of this neighborhood.  I'm stuck here - I don't know for how long.  My property is surrounded, literally, by trailer trash.  There is not a normal property on any side.  4 properties against my one, all of them filled with trash, junk vehicles, old appliances and this that and the other thing.

I can't change people.  I can try to make friends, and in some cases I have. I dunno.  I just want to live in a normal neighborhood.  I can call the city, they will do their job, they always do.  But then I feel funny.  Like a narc, a tattle-tale.  It takes  a while for me to get to the point that I actually call them or, nowadays, just fill out the form online and send it in.

Umm, different subject? Sure, but I started this entry in extreme irritation at neighbors who don't give a DAMN about their neighbors peace.

I bought most of the stuff for my offering in the company Christmas party today.  I figure to wait until Saturday morning to actually put all of that together.  It won't take that long, I just don't want cheese to be exposed to the elements too long, even if it's securely wrapped in plastic.

Got a nice haircut today.  Number 2 on the sides and hand cut short on the top.

The old Buick?  Sitting out there.  Fires right up, drives on down the road.  I am not driving it and took my car back from my son - I am not going to be fighting with a car that decides to quit on a whim.  The thing is crazy.  Going to cost $50 to $100 to find out what's wrong, allegedly anyway.  Don't have that to spare right now, bills take precedence.  If my son wants to fork up the money, then fine, I'll get it into the shop.  Otherwise, 2 Mondays from now, I can take it in, have it diagnosed and hopefully fixed.

A rant type of entry,  I guess.


Thursday 12/9/2010

It's just entertainment at it's best (for me, anyway), to see the democrats falling all over themselvse  in an attempt to make themselves stick out in a crowd that used to have complete control and now..........

The President is being dissed by his own party, which is - pretty amazing, really, and a statement of who is really running this country, or has been anyway until the recent elections - Pelosi and Reid.  The president is really a puppet-man, at least the way I see it.

So it is.  Okay, it's kind of nauseating to see all of this bile coming out of so many different, elected politicians, but, I find entertainment in it as well.

I bought most of the stuff for my cheese tray today.  Summer sausage; pepperoni; the normal Pepper Jack and Medium Cheddar  and then, well, I got some fancy stuff, too.  Wine flows freely at those parties and good cheese go great with wine.  I also got some bread, crackers and will be looking for those thin, wafer type crackers that I couldn't find at the store today.

We have already been declared the winners of the 2 Annual Cornhole competition.  I ain't counting my chickens before they hatch, but the guy I am paired with was the best player out there last year, hands down. I'm not lauding myself here, I did okay, made quite a few tosses into the hole but that guy made a LOT of tosses straight into that hole.  My half of the prize, if we did happen to win, would be around $60.  Lol, that would pay for my cheese tray stuff and then some.

I sent out $1,616 worth of bills today, which really gave me an "ouch" moment.  OUCH!!!  Fortunately, I get paid next week as I still have a couple of Christmas presents I need to buy.  One tenant paid up the entire month in advance - all of that went to the Ouch moment - I know the other tenant will pay his up when it's due, it's the third I'm concerned about.  No need to go into that again, just that she is unemployed and I have no idea of what kind of ride I am in for there.

Oh, I couldn't write my normal morning daily news this morning because the new computer wouldn't let me get online.  Turns out it needed a password thing put into the network settings to make it work.  Oh well, just kind of annoying to show up to work early and not be able to go through with daily, morning rituals.  Tomorrow morning should be back to "normal", hopefully anyway.

Last night.  About 3:00 am.  I am zonked out asleep - a good thing of course.  I am awakened to a loud crashing noise.  I mean LOUD, I bolted upright in bed it was that much noise.  Couldn't see a thing - I MUST have pitch black in my room to be able to sleep, amongst other things.  I turned on the light.  It was obvious what happened: Prince fell out of his bed.  I busted out laughing, how he managed that, I have no idea, but he was looking around wondering, I was imagining, who did it to him.

Well, that's it.  Gonna head outside now that my "mandatory" internet stuff is done and visit with the fishies.  They are all doing quite well, looking healthy, moving around the ponds nicely, no issues so far.



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