Friday, December 10, 2010

Hummingbirds and Cheese

No, I am not going to start eating hummingbird sandwiches with cheese on it.

Yesterday, I was sitting next to my big pond. I REALLY like doing that, as long as dogs aren't barking out there (and no, I am not referring to mine, I do not allow them to bark incessantly), interfering with the tranquility of the moment, I can sit out there for an hour, 2 hours, whatever, enjoying the fruits of the labor of my hands  - and God's hands since I neither invented fish nor could I ever think up the perfection in the way He created such to work so brilliantly even in a setting with my house in the middle of a desert, in the middle of a very polluted and populated town.

Well, I moved the hummingbird feeder because I haven't seen any feeding from it.  I thought maybe it was too hidden for them to find.

Au contraire.  A hummingbird that is the most beautiful version of one I have seen around here yet came up to the thing, took a drink, backed off, took another and then headed straight for my Honeysuckle plants.  They are blooming in full force right now, literally hundreds of flowers in the front and the side of my house.

I concluded from that that probably, that stuff is too old to try and be using anymore.  I've had the base mixture in my refrigerator for a year, time to throw it out and get some fresh stuff.  I would have done that today while at Fry's, but I totally forgot.  There are quite a number of Hummingbirds visiting my property and partaking of the Honeysuckles, I just want to be able to watch them feeding from inside my house which is only doable if I get some fresh mix.  It isn't expensive, I'm just cheap in such things.  Use it ALL up before getting anymore.

The cheese part of this entry comes from my visit to Trader Joe's today.  I had never noticed the huge and very fine selection of quality cheeses they have.  I mean, they have just about everything and they have some great prices on fine cheeses.  They also have some very high prices, I can only imagine what such must taste like - cheese heaven - and imagining is as far as it goes.  I've spent $50 - far more than I really wanted to - on this endeavor, but, it's for a good cause: make everyone at work including the general manager happy, lol.

I also got a variety of crackers - from plain old Ritz to wafer to a variety box to an entertainment box and some other stuff.  It sounds like more than it is, I bought just enough of it to give a good sampling of each, but I didn't go overboard with it.  I have 2 rolls of summer sausage, a package of sliced pepperoni and 1 container of some very excellent dip.  I am going to buy 2 more of the dips and call it done.  I will be cutting that stuff up tomorrow morning.  I don't even want to open the packages until then - just want to keep it fresh and not getting dried out. I am going to make my cheese tray a party experience, that's all I can say about it, and it is, IMO, money well spent.

That's it for the entry, OH< WAIT A MINUTE!!!

I just got a call from the ex - Caleb (our son) found out today that he passed the AIM's test!! YAAAAHOOOOOO!!   You don't graduate High School without passing that test, period.

Oops, the sun is beginning to go down and I want to hang out next to the ponds for a while.


Friday 12/10/2010


Just a few minutes left in my pre-work rituals here. I got started in looking at the news and then realized I had placed a bid on Microsoft Office last night on Ebay.

Went to see if I had won - not. I am NOT going to buy a brand new version of that junk for my new computer. It isn't worth anything near what they want to me. I use that stuff in a limited fashion, I have no need for expensive bells and whistles. I found an old one on ebay this morning for $2. The bidding is over in about an hour. They want more for shipping on it than the product itself, lol.

I am going to put a bid on it before I leave in the truck this morning - I have pickups to do today for a delivery on Monday morning. 

As for this weekend, well, there's the company Christmas party tomorrow - which will probably go on for at least 4 or 5 hours. I am going to stay until the Cornhole competition is over with. Usually, that goes on for quite a while. After that's over? I'm outta there. 

My muscles are sorer today than they were yesterday from a workout 3 days ago. I knew this would happen, but it usually doesn't go into a third day!!!

Ummm, well that's it. Time's up, workday is here and to you..

I bid a g'day.


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