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Hummingbirds and Cheese

No, I am not going to start eating hummingbird sandwiches with cheese on it.

Yesterday, I was sitting next to my big pond. I REALLY like doing that, as long as dogs aren't barking out there (and no, I am not referring to mine, I do not allow them to bark incessantly), interfering with the tranquility of the moment, I can sit out there for an hour, 2 hours, whatever, enjoying the fruits of the labor of my hands  - and God's hands since I neither invented fish nor could I ever think up the perfection in the way He created such to work so brilliantly even in a setting with my house in the middle of a desert, in the middle of a very polluted and populated town.

Well, I moved the hummingbird feeder because I haven't seen any feeding from it.  I thought maybe it was too hidden for them to find.

Au contraire.  A hummingbird that is the most beautiful version of one I have seen around here yet came up to the thing, took a drink, backed off, took another and then headed straight f…

Friday 12/10/2010


Just a few minutes left in my pre-work rituals here. I got started in looking at the news and then realized I had placed a bid on Microsoft Office last night on Ebay.

Went to see if I had won - not. I am NOT going to buy a brand new version of that junk for my new computer. It isn't worth anything near what they want to me. I use that stuff in a limited fashion, I have no need for expensive bells and whistles. I found an old one on ebay this morning for $2. The bidding is over in about an hour. They want more for shipping on it than the product itself, lol.

I am going to put a bid on it before I leave in the truck this morning - I have pickups to do today for a delivery on Monday morning.

As for this weekend, well, there's the company Christmas party tomorrow - which will probably go on for at least 4 or 5 hours. I am going to stay until the Cornhole competition is over with. Usually, that goes on for quite a while. After that's over? I'm outta there.

My muscles are …