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The Company Christmas Party

Well, I took a lot of cheeses, crackers, meats out there for hors D'ouevres.  Well liked, yes, but some of the dishes that other people brought were absolutely amazing.  Think of 20 dishes that are family secrets handed down for generations all showing up at the same place, think the party I was at tonight.

I freely admit I WAY overate.  Fried turkey; Beef rib rack; Pasoli; all kinds of stuff that was absolutely amazing. The highlight, though, was the second annual Corn Hole competition.  I figured my team - 2 people to a team - would nail this one.  He's very good at the game, I'm not too shabby.  Today, my skills greatly increased.  I was nailing it right in the hole, or pushing another bag into the hole, even got 2 bags into the hole at once by hitting a bag that was right on the edge of the hole and the one I threw to hit it both going in.

Net gain? $130 to be split equally.  My partner shook hands, the Ops manager pulled out the earnings, he walked off and said: "…

Saturday 12/11/2010

So, did they get it?  Did Washington come the conclusion that we don't want them spending more money?

NO, is the definitive answer, they did NOT.  Another almost TRILLION dollar bill that is getting loaded with useless junk.  $857,000,000.00 was the "current" estimate and it sounds like even more is going to be loaded into it.

Nope, they didn't get the message.  We cannot continue to spend this kind of money, period.  This kind of spending is, in a word: unsustainable.  This isn't what I voted for last month.  I don't know what the House is going to do with this bill, but - if they don't vote it down and quash it, smash it and pulverize it, then no, they definitely didn't get the message and -- what are voters supposed to do?

Some economists are making statements that eventually, this whole thing is going to crash.  We will end up in financial/monetary crisis and then what?  The collapse of our government?   How does government function without money…