Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday 12/12/2010

I watched the Steelers/Bengals game today, Steelers won handsomely.  I left the room after that and came back to hear a bunch of booing and broadcasters saying "that ain't right".  I was on the end of it, so I didn't find out why the fans were booing or the broadcast personnel were making their statements.

A Christmas Carol, my favorite version, is airing tomorrow.  I have it set to record on both DVR's.  It's my favorite Christmas movie of all time, though there are others that are definitely up there as well.

The weekend is over.  Nothing grand, but the party was fun.  I have done nothing much of anything today besides some cleaning stuff and internet surfing.

I have no clue.  My mind is elsewhere right now, lots of things I am "thinking" about.  Christmas lights are on.  I was going to go buy a Christmas tree today for my living room - but - my son had to take the car to work.  I might have been able to take the old Buick - but - not worth risk of a breakdown.  THAT car is going into the electrical shop sometime this coming week.

I was just looking at a report about Disneyland.  As much as I have hated some of the last visits I have gone on - so many people you couldn't move around without brushing up against others - I still love the place.  It took me to a different place - I have been there so many times since I was 10 years old, I have most of it memorized.  It's the memories of the good times there that got a hold of me, probably why I'm rather distracted right now.  Those thoughts took me to the distinct lack of having a significant other - a person that might also like Disneyland, even if we are in our 40's.



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