Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday 12/13/2010


Here we are again, yet another Monday.
Woke up groggy and I am feeling the signs of potentially some respiratory illness setting in. There were sick people at that party on Saturday, I tried to stay away from them, but, I dunno. It really isn't too pleasant for people who are sick to show up to such an affair, hacking and coughing all over the place, spreading those germs everywhere.

Well, they're going to make other people sick, that's all I'm saying. At least take a healthy dose of cough medicine and try to keep the coughing down if you ARE going to show up to such an event in sickly condition. At the VERY least you could COVER YOUR MOUTH to try and contain the spread of the germs every time you are coughing away.

I just stay away from people as much as possible when I get sick, but there are plenty of people out there that apparently don't care one way or the other whether they are going to be responsible for making others sick by their rather selfish behavior. 

I have avoided lines at grocery stores when seeing people standing in those lines, sneezing and coughing, not even covering their mouth. Or, if I'm stuck in one of those lines, I stay back from them as far as possible and yes, I WILL say something to them if they are coughing without, at the very least, TRYING to cover their mouth. I've received some pretty nasty responses for my bluntness and I always do very well at dishing it right back at them. 

I'll find out later on whether I'm sick or this is just some fluke. It happens when cold air hits my lungs - my respiratory system isn't exactly the most perfect unit on earth as evidenced by much childhood sickness with asthma and bronchitis. 

At least there is one delivery in the system this morning - spent hours loading it on the truck on Friday. I get in this morning and find out that half the order is cancelled and they only want a fraction of what was loaded onto the semi. I don't give the salesman a pass on this one, he claims the contractor called and said he only wanted the larger pipe over the weekend, I'm guessing the salesman didn't bother to get the full story from the contractor and didn't communicate. Frequent occurence around these parts: a great lack of communication. 

Anyway, work day approaches, I was just reading more North Korean rhetoric, this time they are threatening nuclear war against the south. Yeah, good luck with THAT idea.



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