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Tuesday 12/14/2010


Sangfroid, huh? I don't recall hearing that word before. I must admit I had to look it up and see what it meant. I was reading a story about the 17 year old that took the french nursery hostage, with a description of the teacher of the class having had "great sangfroid".

I probably won't be adding that word to my repertroire, it has a strange sound to it and I don't really it, really.

It WAS an interesting read yesterday after the Federal judge threw out a portion of the health care law, the portion that states that buying the health insurance is mandatory and if you don't, you will be - fined I think it was, no penalized on your tax returns.

The issue is whether congress has the statutory power to force anyone to buy anything. The judge found not. I read the judge's opinion and ruling on the thing - I think it was over 30 pages long. It was an interesting read, I thought anyway. Will his ruling stand? Who knows - if/when it gets to the…