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Cafe World Tips 24: Indoor Christmas Tree Has Arrived!

Okay, folks, Zynga listened (to a lot of complaints) and they finally came through with it.  Of course, you aren't just going to get one for free.  You aren't going to be able to go into decor tab to get it, either.  No, it's either pay Cafe Cash or do the ASK routine.

You have to ask for:
10 Fairy Lights
5 Chimes
5 Baubles
......and you have to collect Exotic Ornaments.

It's the Exotic Ornaments that is causing some players to get huffed and puffed (upset).
I have to agree to an extent, because you are going to have to play Zynga's Treasure Isle to
get the ornaments and have to go through the first 5 levels to get it.

I have no inclination, whatsoever, to play Treasure Isle.  In fact, I don't want to play ANY other Zynga games, so, the option is also there to pay 8 Cafe Cash and you are done with that portion of it.  I have plenty of Cafe Cash that I have acquired free, I am simply going to spend some of it to get this tree "built" and get it into my…

Thursday 12/16/2010

I see the House and the Senate are throwing around the trillion dollar word again as if it's totally meaningless, like finding a penny laying on the ground. Well, that's what this tax bill is, almost a trillion dollars. I hope they keep it up - just spend money like it's nothing. It will just refire the anger coals of those that voted out the Dems. Next time, vote them ALL out, at least those that are up for election.

Well, McCain WAS sitting there talking about the absurdity of what is about to happen after the voice of America spoke: spending is out of control, we are voting to fix it. Well, obviously, it isn't going to get fixed. Not when you are talking about almost another trillion dollars that is going to be added to the deficit. They aren't listening to us, at least us that voted for the change we had a glimmer of hope for in the recent elections. They are screwing the nation is what bothers me. You simply can't keep spending money you don't have. Soo…