Friday, December 17, 2010

Café World Tips 25 – Teleporting Your Dishes From The Counters To The Tables – Get Your Buzz Rating To 105

Hello, fellow chefs and let’s get into this one a bit.  I will include information on how to fix teleporting that isn’t working, as I have helped a large number of players get it working correctly.

First, what is teleporting?  Simply put, it’s the act of blocking in your waiters and waitresses behind your counters so that they can’t get out.  They “throw” the dishes to the customers instead of carrying them over to them.  The reason this method of serving dishes is so wildly popular is that it almost totally eliminates and buzz rating issues you may have in your café.  The customers aren’t waiting for their food, they are happy, done.

BTW, did you know that you really don’t need more than 18 tables in your café?  18 is the maximum number of customers that will get served in a minute’s time.   That’s what the official count is, however, I keep about 22 tables in my café “just in case”.  The point is if you are not teleporting and have too many tables, waiters may have trouble getting to customers in time before the customer gets mad and leaves, causing your buzz rating to go down.

Anyway, how to set up teleporting.  Oops, just one more thing: teleporting is NOT considered cheating by Zynga, you will not get into trouble for it if they “find out” you are doing it, it’s a perfectly acceptable method to serve your dishes, even if, in real life, it would be quite impossible!

This is what you do.  Set up your counters in a box or rectangular shape.  You can use a wall as one side of the block, but you MUST leave room in between one side to the other so that your waiters have some place to stand inside of the blocked area.  In fact, you can use a corner of your café if you prefer and use 2 walls.  The point is to block them in, do not leave ANY open spaces. 

This next point is VERY important, please pay attention to this:  Make SURE that ALL of your counters are accessible to the waiters from INSIDE the block.  Do not put stuff in front of the counters inside the block, do not double stack your counters so that one set is behind another, your waiters MUST have access to each and every single counter from inside the block or it simply will not work.

I cannot stress that point enough because people often ignore it, put all kinds of stuff inside there, the waiters can’t get at a dish they are trying to serve, so, they just walk through the stuff in the way, get the dish and walk right through the counters and hand deliver the food to the table.  The whole point of this setup is to get them to stop doing that.  You want them to “throw” the food to the customers from inside the block or rectangle of customers.  The REAL point to doing this is to get your buzz rating back up!!

My buzz rating is at 105 and stays at 105.  On a rare occasion, it might drop a few points when I come into my café but then it goes right back up and stays there. 

You do not have to have the counters set up against the walls.  That was just an option.  You can create a box or rectangle of counters out in the middle of your café if you prefer, it doesn’t really matter WHERE you put  it, it’s how you set it up that’s very important. 

If my instructions above weren’t clear enough, just leave a message below and I will get back to you.  Also, if you have experienced a sudden drop in buzz rating, well, you probably did something in your café to cause it to happen.  I know, everyone always says that they didn’t do anything, but every time I have checked someone’s café to see what’s going on, I find something wrong and they say: “Oh, I just changed that yesterday and I didn’t know that would affect anything”.  Yes sir or ma’am, it did is my response, show them what to do to fix it, buzz rating goes back up to 105 and stays there, walaah, it’s done. 

BTW, one final thing here, you cannot currently have higher than a 105 buzz rating.  I have talked to people that say that it happened to them, but from Zynga, the highest it goes is 105.  So, don’t try to get it to get higher than it is possible to get it to go to!!!
Again, if you have any questions about this or just about any other facet of this game, I will be happy to try and answer them for you.

Friday 12/17/2010


Ummm, well, I had to deal with a comment on the Cafe World Christmas tree entry before coming here to post my daily tribe. I don't want to mix regular entries with Cafe World entries, so that's that. I play Cafe World daily and know a little bittle something about the game at this point, being at level 285, so, I sometimes share some of that information. It attracts quite a lot of visitors to the site, which interests me because I see on the Feedjit places that I have never heard of before.

I usually look the up on a Google search to see where the place is. For example, I am looking at a place called Saint-esteve, Languedoc-Roussillon. I have never heard of any of that. Look at the flag next to it, don't remember that one. If that is the name of one city, I would hate to live there, having to recite a syllable series of words to describe where I live, lol.

As for today, well, it was foggy driving to work! A nice change, it wasn't too dense so that you couldn't safely drive, it reminded me of snowy conditions, sort of. I'm sure the roadways will be filled with accidents this morning as people will find they just can't cope with such. It rained yesterday and it is wet and cold out this morning - I let the dogs stay inside, but they better behave.

I never heard back from the auto electric shop yesterday - not that I'm in a big hurry to hear about some huge bill. I hope it isn't that, I really just asked them to check it out and call me. 

Anyway, 8 days til' Christmas. The wet conditions made it so I couldn't turn on my Christmas lights outside last night. Oh well, hope that stuff dries out today and maybe tonight I will be able to. Actually, I'll go out there today and take a towel and hand dry off whatever is wet. The power strips are covered, they can't get wet, as well as the main outlets. 

Ummm, that's about it, I have several things I want to look at, including this newest, trillion dollar bill that has been passed and sitting on the President's desk. Hey, if they can add all that to the deficit, I would like to add my own, personal bills to that deficit as well. Why not? Doesn't Obama want to run my entire life? He can take care of my bills, too!



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