Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday 12/18/2010

Got out there and started dealing with some landscaping issues today.
Got quite a bit of that done and then headed to Home Depot - wanted to get a live tree.
Well, they had them but they weren't near as big as I would have liked.  Went down to Lowe's,
they had "fake" live trees - made out of some plant, not a tree.  I already have an Italian Stone Pine
in the ground from 2 years ago or something, it's doing fine even if it only grows a few inches per year.

As for regular cut Christmas trees, Lowe's was sold out and weren't going to get any more in.
Back to Home Depot.  They had cut trees left - though not a big selection.  Don't need a big selection. I wanted about a 5 foot tree, nothing too huge.  They didn't have any, they were all 7 feet tall.  Got into a discussion with the dude - he was telling me that he had re-sized some trees and for whatever reason had gotten into trouble for doing so from his manager.  I said okay, was going to leave, don't want a 7 foot tree.

He then offered to cut it back anyway.  Lol.  He also gave it to me at the 5 foot tree price.  Apparently, none of these companies want to get stuck with too many trees, so they have cut back on the amount they are ordering this year.  Just an observation, but the guy at Home Depot predicted that the remaining trees on the lot would sell out today and that would be the end of it: no more trees have been ordered.

Proud owner of a nice tree in my living room.

Ummm, long interval.

And no time to move on with this entry.



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